AMD Releases Special Driver for Cryptocurrency Mining

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AMD and Nvidia started getting into the cryptocurrency world with releasing dedicated GPUs for mining.
Now AMD went futher - made a beta driver thats supossed to make mining more efficent.

Worth noting thats its currently Windows only.

The best results for this driver are on Ethereum currently.

From what ive read online performance on HashNice and Minergate also raises but try yourself and leave info in comments.

AMD Stocks

Since all those GPU mineable coins soared stocks of Nvidia and AMD are going good. You cna trade them on forex sites but also a fully anonymous forex that pays BTC - SimpleFX.

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Will this mean that current mining contracts will reap even fewer benefits, as we're renting miners that are soon much slower than the new miners? I've seen a tremendous difficulty increase in Dash, I hope it won't get much lower...

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Thanks for this information. I have to examine this further since I still use a multi-unit GPU 7950's on a Windows 10 machine and NiceHash. I would be curious to see the improvements even if it is minimal.

Found out about this just moments seeing this post. Now my AMD GPUs will rip them hashes even faster!

Thanks, @kingcrown, for the additional information!

Let us know if it works, please

I've been getting 21+ Mh/s from my AMD RX 580 4GB card running DaggerHashimoto with NiceHash. Would be nice to bump that up a little. It's generating about $1.50 a day but uses about 118 Watts for the card alone so thats maybe 50 cents a day for electricity and about a dollar profit.

Your RX 580 seem Rx570 is doing 23.5Mh/s stock duel mode.

I am doing duel mode now, so a little better at $1.60 per day. Maybe I'll try the new driver sometime. Thanks for letting me know what rate you get!

too low, i'm getting 23Mh ETH + 694.482 Mh/s DECR from a single 580. without OC or bios mod on my linux box.

GPU0 is my 580..the rest are overclocked 1060s

ETH - Total Speed: 104.636 Mh/s, Total Shares: 4522, Rejected: 0, Time: 54:04
ETH: GPU0 23.149 Mh/s, GPU1 20.425 Mh/s, GPU2 20.272 Mh/s, GPU3 20.363 Mh/s, GPU4 20.428 Mh/s
DCR - Total Speed: 1509.345 Mh/s, Total Shares: 14524, Rejected: 151
DCR: GPU0 694.482 Mh/s, GPU1 204.246 Mh/s, GPU2 202.716 Mh/s, GPU3 203.626 Mh/s, GPU4 204.275 Mh/s

Is your 580 the 4 GB or 8? Mine is 4, if that matters.

Are you saying your 580 is doing both ETH and DCR at the same time? If so, how do I find the setting to do that too?

use claymore duel miner

4GB (Saphire Nitro+). Use Claymore miner, it can mine some DCR without affecting ETH rates (i have similar on my 480 on windows but there i overclock) . Also i found with geth my cpu usage was high (on both linux and windows it seemed to chew up 1/2 core per gpu. so 4 gpus kept my 2 core cpu at nearly 100% until i switched miners. (with Claymore it went down to 5%. ).

Thanks for the information!

You should be getting higher hashrates!

Just upgraded to
Still just getting 21 but now it is doing duel mode and getting 0.6 on Decred, so earnings up to $1.60 a day butt graphic card Wattage is 148W. Not gonna be making a lot of money, but will use it to heat my room in the Winter :P

The chart in the article shows 25+ Mh/s for an RX 580 with 8 GB. Mine is just 4 GB so maybe that's why my rate is 21? Any tips or advice?

overclock using TRIXX or MSI AFTERBURNER

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@ kenny-crane for mining do I need to use normal window machine or other dedicated machine?... I'm not very familiar with mining equipment... This is interesting...

I am using a Cyberpower gaming computer I got from Best Buy for $650. It runs Windows 10 and I mine with Nice Hash Miner v1.7.5.13 but there are newer versions out now that I will try. Good Luck!

Thanks for the info sharing... Really appreciated it...

I still remember the days when Nvidia used to be recognized more as a GeForce and CUDA. Huge leaps they have taken. AMD and NVIDIA are like the AirBus and Boeing of Graphic processing units!! But hey , the competition is what keeps us alive right?

Amazing, he is not only fixated on 1 ability. But he kept trying to expand his wings wide in order to achieve a better perfection of the best.

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Risk is always associated with someone who lives it

Thanks @kingscrown. However, I was expecting some YouTube video or Steemit tutorial based article in this regard. Please share if you have written something like that. I will appreciate it.

Sucks about the actual stats not being in the 70-100 MH/s range. A friend mentioned maybe there will be another update to increase the MH/s. Don't get me wrong though, $399 for a card that get's 36MH/s is nice and I'd like to pick one up if I can find one.

Yes, but at 350+ watts for a single card you do have to factor in power costs.

This is great for people looking to mine with AMD cards, but I'm still concerned about Vega's wattage. Sure, they have higher hash rates than the Nvidia cards, but at the higher wattage the profit margin between your mining income and your electric bill could quickly close as difficulties increase and/or coin values decrease. I haven't really looked into heat output, but higher wattage cards often produce more heat than lower wattage cards.

At least for my individual situation, where heat and wattage are important, I'm really hoping to see an answer from Nvidia that allows similar hashrates closer to the lower TDP of something like a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. Otherwise, I'll be looking forward to AMD's 2018 offerings and hoping they prove to be more efficient than Vega 64 and Vega 56.

but higher wattage cards often produce more heat than lower wattage cards.

This is always true. The power input is converted entirely to heat. More power in (higher Wattage) = more heat out.

I knew that, and probably could've chosen my words better. Higher wattage cards with better coolers can still run at equal (or lower) temperatures than lower wattage cards with weaker coolers, especially in some niche situations like tight cases or poor ventilation. This is what I was trying to allude to with the word "often" rather than "always." Perhaps I should've said that higher wattage cards will produce more heat, and the coolers may or may not do a good job at compensating adequately for every situation.

Keep in mind though a better "cooler" isn't really cooling. It's just better at dispersing heat away from your GPU and into the room. So high wattage will still affect the ambient temperature of the room they are in. The room I keep my mining rig in is always a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

This is also a good point to clarify. A higher wattage card will surely contribute to higher ambient temperatures. However, like you said, a dedicated mining rig can be put in another room.

As someone that mines on my main productivity/gaming rig when I'm not using it, I'm more concerned about package temperatures and heat soaking into other components. For example, a lot of modern motherboards have M.2 slots for solid state storage lined up behind where a dual slot graphics card might go. A cooler letting heat stick on the GPU or pushing it toward the SSD might affect the longevity of the SSD, but a cooler pushing heat out the back of the case or elsewhere in the case but away from the motherboard might be better for your other components. In this way, a cooler that disperses more heat into the room can be better for the components adjacent to the GPU.

Ah - got ya!

The power consumption is the main problem with the RX Vega cards. That's why the miners have to look carefully before buying them. These cards have a pretty good hashrate, but the power consumption is quite concerning...

What motherboards have you tested? We are testing Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU with XFX - AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB GPU's right now, and will see how many GPU's will work. Thanks for the driver info. Do you think we should be getting 29MH?

Very neat...good read for sure.

That is cool! AMD also will fly!

Glad Nvidia and AMD are onboard with mining.

Sound good. Another milestone for GPU

Good information...hopefully mining bitcoin will be profitable again

Will be doing some testing on rx 470

i can't wait for your results

Is there a similar mining driver for NVIDIA?
Anybody getting more than 33MH/s with 1080TI? How? :)

I'm wondering how increased adoption of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) will affect mining which is based on Proof-of-Work (PoW)

Very good news! Thanks for share!

I guess then mining wont be with a big profit unless its a farm

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My RX580 running custom Hynix BIOS hashes way faster than their driver....or at least compared to those numbers in the graphic.
I get a return from ethOS as 28-29 per unit, but the true effective hashrate is closer to 31.

Link to the firmware for those who want to try it. I am not responsible for any issues you may have.

Main article link:

BIOS link:!ZxQEwCDC!vSgnjdHRE0rpk7L8I95WQXPRkrT0lbrTDOcn6iQWRoI

Version 2 (I found no difference):!R0gCkajK!OAp3e4YrXowsd-IWgAphRQdBAKEMZuO6SxZwu0U2mlk

Read the article if you do not know how to safely flash the card BIOS. Hope that helps anyone stuck in the 20-22 hash range. Happy Mining/Trading/Decentralizing!

Edit: Those hash rates are while dual mining SIA with less than 1 Mh lost on the Eth mining.

Mining is now a great business industry for people.. Thanks for sharing

Good article!

For many years we had and we still have the classic war "PC Gamers vs Console Gamers" now it's seems that we will and we already have the modern war "Gamers vs Miners" i'm really curios to see how this gonna evolve and how video card manufacturers will solve this :)

Yeah...PC Gamers lost to Console Gamers......Now they want to take the miner head on!! LOL

You'll definitely want to mine Musicoin with this driver @kingscrown check out the new news!

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very soon i plan to get this machine

AMD 580 are the way to go.

Doesn't work with my rx470 and rx480, on win 7 64b :(. Still have an rx580 to try.

Waao that's a really cool news for miners,thanks @kingscrown and i also like your cover art,resteemed,keep it up :)

Thanks man I loved to read post about mining I am running an 1060 6 gb.

i love your awesome work my friend i made this for you i hope you would like it :)

Gracias por compartir, me gustan las gráficas AMD, son económicas y muy potentes

nice post friend i really love your update, thanks for you sharing i hope you will the best post any time.

Your post is good and interesting, you have willing to share interesting things in your post hopefully you can always make a good post and hopefully always successful, oo ya ... please also see my post maybe you like the post that i made

Thanks for the article! Very useful!!

thanks for sharing @kingscrown

The beta driver is supposed to fix the memory caching issue that AMD had which was causing performance issues with lager DAG sizes (>3GB).

Also keep in mind the power consumption of the GPUs in comparison to the hash rate. As the difficulty continues to increase, the power efficiency can be the difference between being profitable and losing money.

thanks for the grate information
Now mining is one of growing business for all


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Very good information, it will be great to know how this is going to be in the future, but it does look bright. Steem on

Hi 💚💜💙💘💛💗💝💟💖

Very good info :) I must look more this :)

This is great news! Hopefully in the near future as these drivers become more and more available the startup cost for mining gear will decrease quite a bit. :D

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Great news, thank you, will install on my little AMD rig later tonight.
Thank you for posting.

Thanks for the article. All of my rigs were built for gaming and I don't think I can give that up for a couple of bucks a day.

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Seems it will be more efficient for mining , thx for yr info

Thanks for the share!

thanks for your information..!!

This makes things serious, it means they have a high demand for crypto currency mining. The world changing!

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Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Gotta follow ya, to be in the cryptonews ;)

nice. their are take care the mining users, i hope their make better gpu for mining jejejejjejejeje

Incredible, hopefully the future can get better and continue to develop new things.

If you are considering getting into mining, DON'T.
Buy cryptocurrency instead.
I explained why in this post
Cryptocurrency Mining is OBSOLETE!

Great infomation. Thanks.

my rig has r7 370 4gb+r9 380 4gb - which hashes around 9.5+18.5 = 28MHs.... but the new update didn't work for me.... after the driver installation I got blue screens - some atikmdag.dll error.... I will give it a try again after a fresh install of windows...

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Anyone have any idea how these drivers affect gaming performance?

Time to use new driver! :)

interesante. Saludos.

Been using them, they work great!

Thanks for the info

Well thanks AMD, now I just need Nvidia to follow suit!


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I think intel is better than AMD

HA! At what exactly? Definitely not mining, I run multiple rigs with different chips....Intel's only advantage in GPU mining is their own, when they profit off of people buying extremely overpriced chips that are completely unnecessary in the GPU mining world. Custom AMD cards/drivers hash faster, even when dual mining. Of course, I am referring to cards that retail for less than $900.