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Viewly Sale Now On, and I’m all in.

To say I’m excited about the Viewly project is an understatement.
I used to like YouTube at the beginning. But as soon as google got hold of it, it became this behemoth of a clickbate churning, money grabbing, advertiser controlling cesspit.
We need Viewly so badly right now. We need to be putting the control of our popcorn media back into our own hands.

And that’s why I’m backing Viewly
I actually believe in what they are doing. @furion has a good team with a solid white paper and way forward. You can even have a sneak peek at the app here.

The Pre-ICO sale is on right now. They’ve already reached their minimum ETH target to ensure the project will continue!

I’m not overly bothered about the tokens value right now. I just want to see where this media train will go.

I have every faith it will be to the moon, and beyond.

And, as always Steem on!


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Go Viewly!
Such an amazing team!



The excitement is palpable.


Ikr. When this goes live they’ll here the boom! 👍