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RE: Ethereum: First Metropolis Upgrade in late September

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the Block Reward will decrease from 5 to 3 Eth per Block within this hardfork.
this is because Metropolis actually will be splitted into two hardforks and
the first part of Metropolis will take place in end of september.
Because the Difficulty Bombe is delayed to the second part of Metropolis, the developers decided to reduce the block rewards to counteract this circumstance.


Great - good to know. Technically this will lead to quite a significant upswing - I saw mathematically analysis which predict USD 500+ assuming equal demand. I look forward to it .

Hi there -- I just dropped by a comment of yours to say thanks for the vote tonite!!!

I see now you had Resteemed a post of mine also, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it @famunger !!

Just dropped by again to say thanks for the votes and support.

I really appreciate it.

link is not working. any other reference?

the link works for me.
but here is the the original source. EIP #186
this is from late 2016 so some things may have changed, like the fixed decreasement to 3 ETH reward per block

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