Developer with HUGE User Base Joins Crypto!

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Blockchain products are struggling to build adoption.

The cryptocurrency market is in a strong downward trend. Most of the existing ICO tokens have faced a critical obstacle. While the benefits of blockchain technology are valuable, existing products have failed to attract a market.

Blockchain technology is still in a nascent stage and a vast portion of the world is unaware of its benefits. This creates an obstacle for consumer-ended products because the success of such products relies heavily on large-scale adoption.

To add to this barrier, a vast portion of projects have focused heavily on raw technological offering; we live in a world where people value convenience offering and product presentation just as much--if not more--than the technological advancement a product achieves.

As blockchain technology makes a greater impact among the upper echelon of developers, some companies with existing, successful products are taking the opportunity to launch blockchain products. These technology pioneers are different from the standard that has been set by a vast number of existing products because they have already proven that they can successfully launch a product; the newest addition to this list is SWIPE.

Existing User Base

SWIPE Network provides a platform that allows developers to seamlessly acquire user consent for the monetization of their data. It also allows data to be aggregated to ensure data is being utilized for optimal results. While SWIPE Network itself is targetted towards developers, its purpose is to enhance mass consumer applications.

Such a factor is typically a challenge as the greater population of the world is not yet adjusted to the blockchain and so developers can be hesitant to apply blockchain-powered software even if it benefits them and their users.

SWIPE has been launched by the creators of AGILA Rewards and Cepatswipe; these developers have created technological products that target the masses.

The distinguishing factor about SWIPE is that its team knows how to launch and market a technological product to the masses and they can apply the acquired knowledge from past ventures to SWIPE. Perhaps the most prominent factor about this development is that it can be expanded on to a massive existing userbase. SWIPE's developers already have access to a very large user base; they can integrate it into their existing applications

Once SWIPE proves its success with the existing userbase its founders have access to, a testament of success through blockchain will be placed towards other developers.

Blockchain technology needs one project to demonstrate to the mass market that this truly is a revolutionary development. SWIPE has the resources needed to be the project that does so.

SWIPE Essential Links

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Blockchain indeed is in its first stage and we still can see a huge ptoential forward.
Few projests of this kind will open eyes for a lot of new people to know the transparency of blockchain technology amd will guide them to be part of the small blockchain world, which is growing everyday but slow. Sooner or later we will see huge mass adoption of crypto and blockchain will be the dominant center of the major businesses in the world.


True, projects led by developers are needed to kickstart large scale adoption. This market's young but an influx of eatablished products can be the key to swift market maturity.

@hatu sir, we know that when new technology introduces, it will take time to adopted by masses, same happened when computers were introduced, there was saying that it would consume many jobs .
As data plays important role in this digital world , Swipe will help data transactions through blockchain & all products will be on ledger with smart contracts then there will no issue of security and can be tracked easily.Moreover it will rewards app users for their data contribution.


Nice, you've recognized the potential for sata security here. That's definitely a valuable aspect of this project; I am working on a piece that goes in-depth on this.

One of the big problems in adding users, and building user base in crypto markets is that every week there are new cryptocurrencies, coins, etc...

This makes the market itself a barrier to entry, except for those who have wealth to spare. The thing is, most of these coins DO NOT have any methods to protect against pump and dump tactics...

So, the issue is far less an in building new systems, but now working with existing platforms to add to the security and minimize potential for manipulation.

I agree, there needs to be a single shining example to set the standard, but for so long as the masses of people remain on facebook and twitter, there's no motivation to seek out new platforms...


The problem with pump and dump ease in this market is the lack of genuine market usage.
Augur, even when it was worth over $200M, had a market cap of $200M+.

The key is to have a genuine userbase, and that's why I discussed this aspect of SWIPE. A genuine userbase gives the backdrop needed to sustain real utility for a cryptocurrency.

crypto market facing downfalls again and again thats why people losing interest in ico's and investing in any crypto but i think crypto have great future and all we have to just wait for it


Yes, there's a strong downward trend because of the lack of new adoption. Aggregate interest growth is low because the dazzle of blockchain has penetrated the early adopters.

New growth will be led by blockchain's utility.

Good explanation about ico tokens

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