AMD GPUs & Arbitrage Opportunities

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Lots of Demand - Not Enough Supply

The rise of Crypto Currency (especially Ethereum) has created a huge demand for AMD graphics cards and offers some arbitrage opportunities for miners and non-miners alike. The inability for retailers to keep up with demand has led to nearly every store being out of stock, or so it may seem.

The truth is that retailers are constantly replenishing their stock but they usually sellout in under 30 seconds. In my last post I gave some tips on how to get a hold of an AMD graphics card, despite it seemingly always being out of stock. Now it may seem seem impossible to get one without a program that instantly buys for you, however I have found that is not the case. As proof, just a few hours ago I bought a brand new RX 580 Sapphire Pulse 8G using nothing but safari on my iPhone.

Now lets see how much they are going for on reseller markets like Ebay.

Arbitrage Confirmed

The one circled in red is the same one that i purchased for $250, yet it has 21 bids and is already at $426 with over a day left! Others listings have buy now offerings at $500+. That's what you call arbitrage.

Should I Sell or Mine with it?

I'm not sure if I'm gonna resell it just yet, since I could use another gpu for my mining rigs. But if I can snag any more for this price then I may start dumping the older gen cards (480s) and basically make a profit for upgrading.

Track my progress for Eth Miner or PASC Miner


Check out AMD stock price! Not a good time to buy into market, but it's good supplemental info for your post!

I was just posting about the high demand for AMD cards in regards to crypto mining and opportunities to make a quick buck reselling on Ebay. However, I do like AMD stock and am curious why you think it's not a good buy.

Well look, if you've got money to burn, go for it. But my money is going to silver, gold and cryptocurrency. The market is quite fragile in my opinion and there has been a significant run up in the stock this far. I will wait for a pullback and then take a look.

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