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RE: Getting in to ICOs - A Guide and Some Tips & Tricks

in #ethereum5 years ago

I also want to know if you now Coinomi wallet ? And if you already have used it for an ICO (it is possible apparently, but don't find much on it on internet..). I am a bit hesitant to use this for the first time. Thanks!


I've never used Coinomi, but it seems reputable.

As far as using it for an ICO, that sort of depends. If you have to set a higher gas limit or add transaction data and the wallet doesn't support that, then you can't use that application for the ICO. Most ICOs will require these things. I use MyEtherWallet on an offline bootable USB to sign all of my transactions, both normal and ICOs.

Ok, I'll check that in Coinomi. Maybe I'll switch to MEW since it seems to be the easiest. Thanks.

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