I don't see why the need to buy upvotes on this post, you could use alternative promotional tools or set your beneficiary to @null if you're looking for more engagement. Downvoted for bid bot misuse @steemflagrewards

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @chekohler.

  • bid bot misuse
    Violation of promotional service TOS, use of promotional services for ROI, or overpromoted content.
    Over-promoted content generally points to low quality content or self-aggrandizing trending spot hogging

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Oh look, they just wasted their VP downvoting our bot comments. Good job guise. You really showed us this time.

The user basically spun the article based on this source. Reporting to @steemcleaners for cleanup. They may want to keep an eye on the alts that downvoted our bot comment.

@guiltyparties heads up!


Spin artist plagiarism.

“How to Unlend Your iETH, iDai, USDC from Fulcrum” by Tom Franco

Flagged for spinning e.g. a form of plagiarism.

Caught ya red handed. Gonna hand you over to the authorities.

Good way to not pop on my radar is to not mess with my bot or my guys. @seo-boss, don't think you're slick and I'm not smart enough to see what you are doing.

I may or may not be on my way out but I will make sure to do a thorough examination of all your alts if you do not refrain for the course you have taken against SFR.

Sure you and I both have much more gainful things to do with our time so advise you re-evaluate.




“How to Unlend Your iETH, iDai, USDC from Fulcrum” by Tom Franco

I try to talk to him but I can't promise he'll listen.
Thanks a lot for your fight :-)

do you know when sUSD is going to be added? I take out my Dai using smart contract fine. but no option for sUSD :(

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Much needed information! Rough week for DeFi, but we'll bounce back from this!

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