Is This The End For Ethereum (ETH)?

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Some people think this might be the end for Ethereum (ETH). It's hard to say. What I can say is, it's not looking great for Ethereum. With a network routinely at full capacity, charging fees, and is years away from scaling; Ethereum seems to be in a rough place. All of this seems to be a perfect storm for EOS to slide into the number 1 blockchain for DAPPS in the world. In this video I wanted to share my thoughts on if this is the beginning of the end for Ethereum.....


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We are talking about markets here. One thing people look for are options, and a familiar name. I am a proponent for EOS and totally dig what Dan Larimer can accomplish. However, with all the altcoins developed so far using ETH, there will still be profits to be gained. I see both under controversial circumstances. I still have my investment with EOS bc I think the foundation can stand much more firm, with best of luck to the rest (ETH and altcoins).

Seems to me that I just read somewhere that EOS will have a compartmentalizing type setup available so that existing projects could establish their own EOS sandbox and operate that way... like, ETH-base projects could just transition to a compartment and run on EOS without too much effort. If so, EOS could pull MANY existing ETH-based projects to its platform.

They are working on scalability related issues like POS and sharding for some time, and I think they already have some solutions, but the fees on EOS are much lower, it seems more like the kind of cost that you'd expect from a transaction system that runs on computers. I still think EOS is too close to Ethereum. There might be many viable alternatives to the old blockchain protocols. There are already attempts like IOTA and Hashgraph, however, Graphene platforms made solid progress. You might be right about EOS eventually becoming more popular, though, and I agree that transaction speed (&cost) is obviously the major technological, and measurable indicator of success here as this article argues. There is a comparison between EOS and ETH here.