Bicycle ride with Ethereum ICO speculation

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True being ONE, the imaginary idea of collective consciousness is a modern day slave ship.

Anything I say does not exist, has an opposite for my statement to be true.

Disregard everything in your imagination as being real, then look around you in your physical reality, that's the real world.

Those who never take chances exist to balance those who do... Craig :)

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I just love this Idea of talk about something When you are showing a cool place at the same time Especially when the subject is cryptocurrency, it feels like we are in a casual conversation in a gradable place

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I like looking around my place too...

I got this GIANT orchid, that has about 15-20 blossoms on it; WHITE.

And a beautiful dark woman in my life, I can look into her eyes all day long and be happy.
Sometimes, she just starts singing; it's really hard not to feel at peace.

@craig-grant once again you have great insight and made some excellent points. ICO's that accept ETH exclusively may be adversely impacting their own profits.

Then it makes sense for ICO's to accept other crypto's besides ETH in order to diversify themselves when cashing out.


Dope video! This is going to be one of my new favourites after morning coffee talk. Bicycle talk! :)

Great quote @craig-grant..."Those who never take chances exist to balance those who do"

There have been way too many ETH ICOs scheduled around the same period of time - probably responsible for that flash crash that happened last month and those fake Vitalik death rumors!

Regardless, I'm not looking to invest in any ICOs on the ETH blockchain when BitConnect, Genesis and Steemit are already so profitable! If I ever do think about jumping into ICOs, then I might be more inclined towards ICOs based on Graphene technology coming from the same dev team as Steemit. Until then, STEEM all the way!

Nice Steemit T-shirt Craig - I really need to get my hands on some Steemit shirts and coffee mugs!

Pretty good camera work while riding a bike.

My plan is to mostly mine ethereum classic because when ethereum goes to prof of stake everybody will move to mining etc. Then it will get way harder to mine then what it right now.

Bomboclaaaaut... Mawd ah road mi bredda!... Steem On... :)

Three birds, steeming, bike, mom, and balling! I'm happy for you bro! I saw how you made it on here! I'm a newbie fan!
ICO's there still hot bro! It's just a new market that will soon be viable and strong for everybody. Market fluctuation are going to be everywhere! My prayers will be with your mom!

@craig-grant eos is an ico i would maybe jump on if the price decreased to about $1-2 a coin. Whats your thought my brother

I'm hoping the Ethereum continues its move up to pair with Bitcoin. Now that would be awesome to see.

How about STEEM par with Bitcoin?
I'm sure a lot of us would love that. But I'm not sure if it will get that high

Where you going that you want to lose 5 pounds?

You killin' it with the switching hands on the bike lol

I was looking to get some Ethereum but think I may be grabbing some ETH Classic.

I don't know of anyone USING ETH Classic, for ANYTHING?

Do you?

The next, most important generation of crypto, will have use cases attached to them!
And at least most of the new ICOs have use cases... and people will not even know they are using crypto, they can just use the app and be happy.

ETH or EOS which is a better buy right now?

EOS in my mind, no question... do your own research though.

Reminding me I need to get a tire fixed on my bike. I've been hiking and jogging but a bike ride would be nice. ICO's scare me at this point. I'm gonna focus on my bitconnect, genesis mining steemit and a few other projects I got going on.

The ICOs longterm will help the adoption of ETH as a currency. ETH went to high too fast. That's the main problem right now as investors are still cashing out. You made a good point about how the ICOs cashing out into fiat are negatively affecting price. However, there's many more new ICOs happening that are going to accept many Cryptos not just ETH. In the future, I see stable coins being accepted and gold back tokens like DGX. Longterm I believe Bitcoin will control less than 10% of the market. As currency like Ether have many more use cases. Dash should con't to outperform Bitcoin by orders of magnitude over the next years as scaling and governance is not a problem.

I agree. Reality is all we have. It is what is real. All else must be questioned. Most, if not all of the world's truths and beliefs are false. This may seem absurd, but if one really questions and digs to inquire and seek truth, one will be shock and mystified. In fact, one's foundation may be shaken and turned upside down. He'll fall off the cliff and hit bottom. Totally lose and not confident in what he believes to be true any more. From here he can rise up in his knowledge and seek real truths...Warning, the "rabbit hole" is very deep!

blockchain still feels like the matrix

Nice post dude!! :)
Already following @yuliana

"Those who never take chances exist to balance those who do..." and that's how real life works, good quote!

This is a philosophical approach. Pleases. Sometimes you wonder what is really happening in the world, your life. Sometimes you do not even notice what happens next. But you talk about what you do not know.

Your post made me think. Thank you.

That is what I do when I'm about to get a panic attack :) it work for me.

I was wondering about your mother...give thanks she is feeling better..and you as well...bless up!

Love this post! Duality has a way of balancing the universe and the crypto space! 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

I like this point of view as well!

Excellent video great insight Craig keep up the FLO!!!

should we trust cryptocurrencies :
after reading this i conclude that cryptocurrencies based on air :p

Ethereum to the moon!!!! Loll

Great post Craig. Thank you for sharing!

Maybe I really AM just a spirit having a HUMAN experience because when you mentioned your mom, all the great information about how ICO's function and what reasonable expectations should be just disappeared and ALL that was left in my spirit was 'probably' just how happy that made your mother, in her human experience, to have you visit her. Of course, I don't know how often or how close you are and really, I don't need to because it was a reflection on when I could visit my mom and make her day better, just from sharing myself. I wasn't able to do it as much as I wanted because I was working so many hours and when I finally decided that I needed to be by her side when she was not well -- this 'system' of things made sure that I choked very hard on my red pill, but I got it down and it was the final awakening that I needed to see that -- you have to create your own life and fight to control what will be your "nows" (true self) of the future. Others may relate/reflect our experiences but we are alone in those experiences. I'm lifted just by hearing that your mom is doing better. My mom has returned to her spirit form and has shed the burden of the physical. Thanks for sharing your light, your life, your mom, and your vetted knowledge. #GrantOnMrGrant


craig jared

Great Post
Thank you for sharing

Wow... the mr. Milionaire... 😊😀😊

"Disregard everything in your imagination as being real, then look around you in your physical reality, that's the real world." i liked this statement

WANT to JOIN THE STEEMIT BIKE RIDE INSPIRED BY @graig-grant while talking about mula.

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