Why am I so thrilled with DABANKING’s online betting platform?

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I think it’s worth having this with the continued growth of blockchain-based online gaming/betting industry, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be on the right track as what I have se

I have to be honest with you guys. I’ve engaged myself in online betting several times. When I wasn’t convinced in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency yet, I played online betting and I’m a little addicted to it until today. The number of people who are into online gambling or betting has been growing nowadays.

Yes, the online betting industry is huge! Definitely huge! And the growth cannot be stopped!

However, there are some problems that these existing platforms need to address to their players and the community. One of the common problems is that these players get jilted by the owners, developers, payment processors and other ones without much warning. It really pissed these players off, especially depositing their hard-earned money and spending time in using these corrupted platforms.

But that won’t be the case anymore with DABANKING. 

No more jilting as well for users like me, which they’re a trusted online betting platform like no other. Without further ado, here are some reasons that DABANKING is revolutionizing the online betting industry:

1. Current and upcoming games are very interesting.

It’s something that I’ve been looking forward these days. I am a fan when it comes to predicting the bull and bear thing for today, tomorrow, next week or so. DABANKING has FOMO and Dice game. 

In the FOMO game, there are 4 chests ranking from lowest to highest (Silver, Gold, Ruby and Diamond). The difference between these chests is that the higher the rank is, the bigger allocation it will receive. 

The rewards were allocated into different tiers after the users bought tickets , and 50% of ETH sales will be in the prize pool. They will be divided to the following:

* Silver (4%)

* Gold (5%)

* Ruby (20%)

* Diamond (50%)

* Drawer prize (1%)

* Next round (20%)

For the dice game, it’s very similar to what I have played in Bitsler, Primedice, etc. However, the user interface and design of this one is pretty much slick and cool. Nothing fancy, but interesting stuff. 

As for the duel and watch game, it’s still in the works and it’s gonna be an exciting ones to be added in the DABANKING platform. 

2. Top-notch security at its finest. 

One of the issues that we are experiencing in some online gambling or betting platforms is the security of our assets. There are some cases in various platforms that users are experiencing unauthorized access of their assets and are vulnerable towards hacking. 

Good thing that DABANKING is thinking way ahead of the others. You want to know why? It’s because their state-of-the-art decentralised online betting platform has the capability of letting users have full control of their assets. It is because each user will be provided with private keys for their respective wallets, so we are the only ones who can have full access and control of our assets.

Not only that, DABANKING is ensuring that their platform is safe from future hack attempts and intruders. 

3. DAB token mining is kinda out-of-the-box. 

I was indeed a fan of token mining, and DABANKING really delivers. By using the algorithm called the proof of contribution (PoC), it’s gonna distribute the DAB token to grow the community further using the Ethereum blockchain. 

In order for you to mine the DAB token, you need to buy a “Treasury Package”. The minimum and maximum amount you can buy worth of Ethereum is $200 and $5,000 respectively, which they base the price on CoinMarketCap. 

To exploit its token, DABANKING has 3 energy wallets namely the gold, green and mining wallet. For the mining part, obtaining DAB tokens would be on the “Mining Wallet” itself. As for the Gold wallet, it only activates when you buy a treasury package which adds 800% of the total value you have spent, and 200% for the Green wallet (100% on the 2nd month). 

For you to understand the entire process of DAB token mining, I highly recommend that you should take time reading the whitepaper by clicking the link here

4. Transparency is what makes them better and fair to their players.

One of the features that I really loved about DABANKING is by being transparent towards their players and the supporting community. Whatever activity or plan that they have such as deposits, withdrawals, results of the games, etc., there’s no hesitation in revealing everything to their community rather than keeping them in secret.

Everything in the platform is recorded in the distributed public ledger that makes it to fair for everyone to see what is going on within the network. 

5. A strong, trusted and dedicated development team.

In order for a project to become successful, it needs to have a development team who is dedicated and focused. Not only that, they should be passionate and are willing to do whatever it takes to make this project succeed in the long term.

I honestly believe that the entire development team who is behind this project are transparent to us, and they’re making sure that everybody is satisfied and happy in playing with their platf0rm. I’ve tried some other online betting or gambling platforms before, but this one is something that gave me much confidence in playing games with them due to their amazing development team. 

What does the DAA token do for DABANKING?

For those of you who doesn’t know about DABANKING’s own token, here’s what you need to know. 

Just like any other token out there, it is relying on the Ethereum blockchain and considered a utility token. DAA is their official ticker symbol and native token that will be used in their ecosystem. Not only that, they will be conducting a token sale for the benefit of the online gaming/betting community and supporters out there. 

I think it’s worth having this with the continued growth of blockchain-based online gaming/betting industry, and there’s no doubt that it’ll be on the right track as what I have seen in their roadmap plans.

Moving forward with DABANKING

Out of some online betting sites that I’ve joined and played, I can find DABANKING very entertaining. It’s not just the interface and design, but more on their ecosystem. I liked the way they treat their players who are actively playing in the platform. The way we mine tokens is something that I’ve never seen before, and I’m definitely amazed!

I can honestly say that DABANKING has a bright future ahead, and I’m confident that they will become a highly respected decentralized online gaming/betting platform in years to come. 

To start playing in DABANKING, go to their official website here. Just sign up an account, deposit some money and you’re good to go! 

Thank you so much for taking your time in reading my blog about DABANKING. If you think that my post is helpful for you before deciding to try their platform, don’t hesitate or think twice in sharing this to your friends. 

And one more thing peeps, to stay updated with my posts, don’t forget to follow me here on Steemit and on my social media channels like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Let’s also connect on LinkedIn! 

To your ongoing success, DABANKING! 

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