Onigiri Bank - Not a Clone an Original Smart Contract and the Next Evolution in Daily Rewards

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You have seen it, they call them ROI games. They vary from low to high percentages promising you to make your ROI in an X amount of days. Those who are early make a bit extra, those late to the party… they lose and sometimes lose big. The higher the percentage that is paid out daily, the higher the risk. Now why would you want to put your ETH or your Tron in a contract when you have a 50/50 chance or sometimes less of a chance of earning back your ROI. And if you join even later the odds are stacked against you. Once a contract drains to Zero, well that’s it, it’s over. Take out what you can before the contract drains.

Have you been stuck in this vicious cycle? Sometimes you do win, other times you do lose. This must change, there has to be a better way to protect a users investment in an ROI structured smart contract.


I have been a part of these ROI games for quite sometime. I have even made my own ROI Smart Contract game called one-eight. I wanted to minimize the risk for players by creating a smaller percentage. But still in the end people who did enter in late to the contract lost. I felt I had failed in providing a platform that would help people earn daily. And so I took a step back to really think about this. How can I give back to those that lost, I felt responsible and I thought to myself, does it have to be this way? What is the best way to make this work? There is so much potential in this type of smart contract if it is done right.

Then I saw the rise of ROI games on TRON. And it’s the same thing. Games with higher ROI drain within 2-4 days. Some contracts can last a bit longer. Not saying they are bad. But I want to say they are not sustainable. Once a contract drains to zero the players earnings still accumulate over time. If a contract has drained to zero, but you have over .5 ETH its impossible to take it out. The contract is in a negative state and it needs a big pump to pay out the players. By this time most people get out and move on and take the losses.

Eventually the buzz wears off. Reality sinks in and people realize. The money grab was just another crypto FAD come and gone. Not to say there are some innovative ideas to protect these smart contracts to make them last. I do believe one part of it is creating an ecosystem around the contract that has games the pump volume back into the contract to keep it going. But even then, there is no promise or guarantee that a user will be able earn back there funds.

I have been here in the background watching. Thinking. Doing the math. Calculating. It is time to create a new smart contract. All these ROI games are simply clones of one another with slight changes here and there. The percentages change, the websites change but it is the same old song and dance. Pump, dump, drain.

It’s time for something new. Something that is better. Something that is made to really protect a users investment. An evolution of the ROI game is needed. And so we have developed a new smart contract concept. I wouldn’t quite classify it as an ROI game. I would say it’s a “Rewards Earning Savings Platform” or an RESP… short for RESPect.

Respect the users, respect the community, respect the earnings… respect one another. RESP

Onigiri Bank is the first of its kind, it is the first Rewards Earning Savings Platform. The smart contract is not a clone. Its a fresh new code created by my myself and my dev partner. We worked in tandem to create this. Let me repeat this. It is NOT a clone, it is a fresh new smart contract, a new code the is the evolution of the ROI game. You can rest easily knowing that your funds are safe in a LockBox on the blockchain. Secure and connected to your Tronlink or MEW wallet. And I can boldly state that 80% of your invest will be available to withdraw at anytime - guaranteed.

Onigiri Bank is a place where you can HODL your ETH or TRON. You can invite others to also HODL there ETH or TRON. For utilizing our smart contract on the blockchain you will be rewarded a daily percentage based on what you put in your LockBox. As more holders use the platform a community pool is collected and used to reward LockBox holders.

If the contract has no funds it simply pauses and there will be no rewards given out until a user exits or new funds are brought into the payout pool through other dapp games or donations. The “Stop Clause” is coded into our smart contract. The contract will never drain or drop below .05 ETH or 100 TRX. It will never go to zero. And you will never experience phantom gains when the contract is on pause. You simply wait for new funds and then the contract will continue to reward LockBox owners again.

For all the projects that I have been involved in, this one makes me very excited. Because I know that I can now protect users investments. I don’t have to worry about players losing a lot. I can guarantee you that 80% of your funds are available to you at anytime. The 20% you put up when joining this contract can be easily made back through daily rewards.

Are you ready to earn a real passive income. It is going to be stop and go in the beginning. But I want you to know as long as we stick to this together. Everyone will be rewarded in the end. Your 80% is guaranteed. I am confident with this feature. We have minimized the Hight Risk factor.

Onigiri Bank is launching early to mid April. It’s coming soon. I will be posting more videos and sharing more info before we launch. Join our Telegram for up to date news and our telegram chat to connect with the community.

RESPect. Keep it Lit. Onigiri Bank is coming.


Onigiri Bank Telegram Announcements

Onigiri Bank Telegram Chat

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