Archive video: 3 questions to Independent Enterprise owners.

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Archive video: 3 questions to "Independent Enterprise" owners. English subtitles.
About their mining company, computing power, future and plans.

Join link:

IMPORTANT: Remember that correct registration in this company is only then, when, you will buy minimum lowest mining contract (4 MH/S for 111$ during registraion (!). No empty accounts. Payments possible in few different cryptocurrencies, like: #Ethereum , Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, BitcoinCash and Dash.

Remember that in cryptocurrency mining you do not have a 100% profit guarantee, because the potential return and profit depends on many different factors: mining difficulties, market situation, ETH price on the day you will be wanted to sell ETH, etc.
Therefore, when buying a mining contract in #IE or in any other company, remember that you have the possibility of a very interesting income, but here is also a risk of loss. By buying a mining contract you accept this risk and confirm that you are aware of it.
Good luck!

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