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Have you heard of CryptoKitties? Well now there is CryptoPets!

In order to bring our pets to life, we decided to give them in-game powers. These attributes will be Health, Attack, Defense, and Speed. These stats will allow for us to have an interactive ecosystem of mini games and districts for our pets to feed, breed, and compete.

Kind of like Neopets?

The base version of CryptoPets will include twenty unique species of animals. The digital animal kingdom will be divided into five classes ranging from Common to Mythical.

Digital Collectibles game.

CryptoKitties launched about a week ago and some of the crypokitties are selling for upwards of $10k USD!

CryptoPets isn't out yet but it's a chance to be an early adopter, in a decentralized app powered by ETH.

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Great post bud .I got into crypto kitties myself but also important to note that they are clogging the ethereum network , luckily ethereum team has a solution read here .

I wonder how many people are going to get into this hoping to make money. Lots of folks talked about making a quick couple hundred bucks off of selling digital cats. It's great to have higher adoption, but definitely the wrong mindset to be approaching these kinds of games.


True. I personally just spent 10$'s worth of Eth just before the hype started to get 2 cats, and have been breeding them hoping to get a cute one.

One of my friends requested one for her birthday XD

We'll need to see how this goes, but personally I'm getting myself a platypus just for the sake of it.

Won't hurt if I make back my investment (or more XD), but I honestly just want to have some fun :)