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What the child grow up to become, is largely the result of the environment he grew up in, and the people who raised him, as well as the people he mixes with. Children are our future. Nurture them and teach them well, so that they will grow up to be responsible people and decent beings.

A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passer-by leaves a mark. - Chinese Saying

Children have never been any good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them. - James Baldwin

Children need models more than they need critics. - Joseph Joubert

Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy. - Robert Heinlein

Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. - Rabbinical Saying

Every word spoken within the hearing of little children tends toward the formation of character. - Hosea Ballou

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings. - Ann Landers

It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. It’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless. - L. R. Knost

The greatest gifts you can give your children are … the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. - Denis Waitley

Train your child as if you were preparing a prince for his future reign, for he will grow up to be one of the forces that shapes the future of mankind. - Unknown

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. - Stacia Tauscher

Whatever you teach a child, whether it is through your words or through your actions, lives on forever in his or her heart. - Unknown


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Some great tips but to be honest I am afraid if I see what most kids look like and I really hope they are not the future. Kids already have burn outs, are depressed, rapists and killers and not of copying their parents.

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I understand you concerns. But I am sure they will turn out all right. I am sure the generation before us had doubts about us too. :-)


Often it is very good if they do not copy their parents. There might be a good future. I am often afraid of adults.

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Thank you @esteemapp.

These are very good sayings. But I often do not see the people who speak this in life. I see that many children are disturbed and destroyed by adults and by a negative environment and limited opportunities. Many children and teens cry and their parents too. And also many people around. We are all little children who are suffering a lot. When and how can we grow up? Where is the Big Momma, who calms our suffering and makes things right?


Life is not always easy, and sometimes very cruel. There are some lucky ones who had it better, but the rest of us, we have to learn Life's lesson the hard way and grow up ourselves. :-)