I am eSteemian contest Winners 🎉

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Almost two weeks ago we've reached 3000+ users in our Discord server wishing to celebrate that we've announced I am eSteemian contest which is over and we will reward 300 SBD in total to our users as being promised.

And the Winners are...

eSteem is giving away 5x50 and 5x10 SBD prizes. So total we should have 10 winners this time.

It was hard to choose the winners so we involved almost the whole team and voted for the preferences. There they are.

50 SBD Winners

@raghao | Portrait
@pizzapai | Playful Flowers
@jejes | Kissfull Drawing
@waybeyondpadthai | Flight Disco
@anggreklestari | Copywriter Slogan

10 SBD winners

@rosatravels | Design Effort
@iamjadeline | Advertising Tryout
@celineaugustinee | eSteem Rap
@ecoinstant | Commercial Advert
@iwansunarya | Created Textile

We want to thank all who was taking part in this contest. Winners will get their SBD within 24 hours.

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  ·  last year (edited)

My favorite is @raghao and @anggreklestari! Another one is @waybeyondpadthai and @iamjadeline :)
Great work guys!

Yet just too kind ❤️ hahah

Congratulations mao! ♥️ lol

It's Mo! Yandot it's Mo! hahaha LMAO

wow! a hot heart symbol! 🤭

Sama with you i like kind like that @waybeyondpadthai

Best Regard,

I can't believe it! :D

Thanks @yandot

Thank you @yandot for the support and compliment :)

good job bro

Congrats to all the winners, wish esteem always be the best application 😎 "have your world with esteem app"..

Untuk kurator hebat yang mendunia, yang mampu membuat kami termotivasi dan sangat menarik di setiap postingan nya, saya mengucapkan terimakasih atas segala pengetahuan yang anda posting.

Salam dari saya @dafied.egie
Mohon untuk kesedian kurator hebat seperti @good-karma selalu memberi celah, dukungan atau jalan kesuksesan di steemit.

@celineaugustinee is my favorite 😍

Thanks so much for your continuous support @dunsky. I truly appreciate 🙏

You forget for his?:D

For his? Do you mean I forgot about it? No :) It will stay in my heart forever.

I want to say Happy Birthday to @celineaugustinee

Best Regard,

Man, it's not her birthday

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes but it isn't my birthday but my elder sister @ekafao. Thanks so much.

Whoooooa! I'm so happy to see this announcement! Thanks for @good-karma @esteemapp and the team.

Congratulation for all of the winner.

We are eSteemian, and let's grow up our Steem with eSteem

congrats to all the winners!! you made it really hard for the judges to decide :) great effort folks... eSteem on...

You make me confused as well :D lol

finally, we picked the best ;)

Congratulation for the winners! Thank you very much for @good-karma who made this anazing contest. We are waiting for other esteemian contests. Regards from Indonesia.


Wow! This is my first ever contest that I won!

(...so much tear of joy T_T )


Thank you @good-karma & @esteemapp for this great privilege. <3

wow, congratulations @jejes
good job😊

Congratulations dear @jejes.

Conggratulation for winner.

congratulations for the winner

Terima kasih @good-karma saya sangat tertarik

congratulations to the lucky ones, hopefully others are not disappointed and can create quality content in order to win in the next contest

congrates to all winners.
special thanks to @good-karma for such a nice contest

Congratulation to winners, hopefully this contest is often held so that the spirit of writing here

Congratulation @raghao and @anggreklestari! Another one is @waybeyondpadthai and @iamjadeline :)
Good job guys!

Thanks @owner99

@iwansunarya is my friend from desa mesjid teupin punti north aceh, congratulations to all winners

Thank you @abialfatih

Yes I'm from Desa Mesjid, Teupin Punti, North Aceh.


Thank you @good-karma @esteemapp and the other team.
I am very happy and happy because my work is appreciated. This is the original work from me because I am a tailor.

I will wait and wait for the next contests of @good-karma

Because in my opinion a contest like this will educate us to show the real work and not the plagiarism.

once again thank you @good-karma

Congratulations to all winners for the I'm eSteemian short video contest.

Congratulation to winners, may continue to write good and useful content

Congratulation to eSteemian contest winners, this contest is awesome

Congratulations to all the winners and hope these contests were again and again organised like this!!!

if I belong to the winner
hope i succeed .....

Good post, I like it

Kontes yang sangat menarik

Congratulation for the winners


Congratulation for all winner...

  ·  last year (edited)

I have no favorite, they all put in a lot of effort in their own way.
Congratz to all winners!

Wowwwww... Finally we have winners. Big congrats guys. Weldone @good-karma and @esteemapp

Woohooooo! See @adetorrent that's what happens when you have no chill. Thanks @esteemapp ! And of course, @good-karma !

This is you

I know LMAO

Congratulations to the winner, keep working Do not just get there

To the winner, keep working
Do not just get there

                 - hattaarshavin

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congratulations for winner

This is meulieh site @khanza.aulia

Best Regard,

Meuseu na seumengeut yang get, maka nyoe adalah meulih yang jroh... hahaha

Want to be like you @khanza.aulia

really awesome @ good-karma give a gift to a great steemian has won this contest

Congratulations to the selected ones :-)

Congratulations to the winners. Hope you are happy

Coungrat for winner

Congrats to all the winner and thank you for this contest mr @good-karma waiting for the next

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I want to be a winner too @good-karma.

I like it, this is a support for many Steemian


selamat atas kemenangannya

Congratulations to the winners, May always be zeal in producing quality content👏👏

congrats all winner,
they get all attenition in estee..

Congratz to all winner. I wish i can join the next contest strongly. Long Life Esteemian. Long Life eSteemapp.

congrats to all the winners...
Am sure I'll get something next time...

Coungratulation for winner, thank a lot @good-karma for your contest..

Alguien que hable español me ayudaria con lo de Discord?

Alguien que hable español me ayudaría con lo de Discord?

All of you guys are c0ol! 😁 congratulations to all! eSteem On! 😎🤙

Thank you everyone! Thank you @good-karma! I'm too believe in karma!! Wish you good-karma!!!!!
I'm too excited!!!!!! Tooooo happy now!!! Thank you!!!

congratulation for all the winners,
this so great contest.
ohh i late to know it.

Congratulations for the winner. You are so great guys. Thank a lot, @good-karma for this contest

Congratulations to the Winner. I'm waiting for the next contest. Thank you sir @good-karma.

a very interesting contest for us to follow

estoy siguiendolo,esperando contar con su apoyo,este el unico medio de comunicarme,no tengo celular,soy venezolana y ando por lograr un objetivo,generar ingresos,saludos y buenas noches

I like

I have read all the posts of the winners, they deserve it. Congratulations to all winners. Thank you to @good-karma and All involved in this contest

Yeah congratulation for the winner of the contest that made by @good-karma

Congratulations to the winners, keep on working!!

Congrat for the winner. I hope the winner for the new contest.

This is a bad news for me.. I didn't win haha just kidding.
Again Congratulations Sir @good-karma for the achievement you have in your esteem community. looking forward to another contest 😁
congratulations to all the winners

Congratulations to all winners. The contest is incredible. And this announcement has been awaited millions of people. Hopefully eSteem always hold a contest in the future.

Yours sincerely from Indonesia.

Congratulation @anggreklestari

Big thanks! @djamidjalal

Congratulations to the winners. Boss @good-karma when is next contest? Because i also want to partake. And thanks for your upvote on my post on "my school life memories". I also won that writing contest. I think your upvote has a goodluck charm.... Lol. Thanks boss! Am deeply grateful!

Thank you @good-karma and team for the pick. And big Big congratulations to all the winners! 🎉🎉🎊🎊💐☺️

Thank you @good-karma and team for the pick. And big Big congratulations to all the winners! 🎉🎉🎊🎊💐☺️

hey guys, new to discord and steem, is it safe to give posting role to third part through active private key using steemconnect.com ?
Do tell if you are aware of this topic! :)

I feel so honored to be one of your winners @good-karma. Thanks so much.

congratulation for the winners who has selected

happy to heard this news

congratulations to the winners


congratulations for the winners. And for the stemian who is not winning do not abstinence yea.karena our struggle has not exhausted..maybe in next time there is a contest, hopefully our name is in the list of winners ..?

congratulations for the winners. And for the stemian who is not winning do not abstinence yea.karena our struggle has not exhausted..maybe in next time there is a contest, hopefully our name is in the list of winners ..?

Congratulations to the winners, actually I've tried to make it. But for lack of understanding of the language I finally failed. Insyallah if there is a chance I will try again

Congratulations @good-karma!
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Very nice entries you all deserve it! Congratulations everyone!🎊🎊🎊🎊👍👍👍

Congratulations to all winners,,, thanks to @good-karma for such type of prize

Congratulations!!!Winner and to @esteemapp

Very interesting contest @good-karma

unfortunately I cannot participate in this great contest, already in the past month I can no longer join into discord esteem 😭

congratulations for the winner

Congrats to all! These are all such fun! Nicely done!

Aduuuhh, saya telat tau informasi contest ini🤔😭🤧

thanks man upvoting my post i did a favour from myself too .......😅😅 Have a nice day

Nice work guys. Kudos @good-karma.IMG_20180618_142528.jpg

congratulations that success

Hello @good-karma I've been wanting to tell you this for a while now. Just that there's no chat room on Steemit except discord and maybe Steemchat and its not easy getting to chat with people.

Okay to my point... I started a show few weeks ago, I called it Movie Night with Oredebby. #movienight
It comes up every Friday by 7pm from here. I get to review various movies for entertainment and education. One just dropped yesterday, Friday too.

I also give out little Steem/Sbd depending on what I get from the previous Movie Night post, for those who make beautiful comments and maybe answer some questions I ask. So I'm soliciting that you put it in mind for your support too. I'm sure you'll love it. Thanks so much in anticipation 😊

OOOOH my friend is amazing this app for windows is very good¡¡¡ I am voting for witness :D

Hopefully 300 sbd can I get ... Because it can be for the cost of my treatment.