I am eSteemian! Contest with over 300+ SBD reward

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a few month i was join the steemit.com i do daily hard work on the steemit.com but i cannot give me my proper reward
beacouse of the i am new user on the steemit.com and my steem power is very low

suddenly on of the my best friends @zeeshan say to me about esteem he say to me that esteemia is a very papular
and high reward upvote website when i join the esteem when i create the post the esteem really @good-karma give me proper
reward of my post and i really thanks to the esteem who give me this reward and i earn steemit and i earn lots of
the money from esteem by posting

i am really very Lucky that i am parts of the esteem

**Long life Esteem **

recenty reseem create the contest Contest with over 300+ SBD More details in the article - https://steemit.com/@good-karma/i-am-esteemian-contest-with-over-300-sbd-reward-bebfd5a8e8d38est


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