My Walk with Music

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I love music,movies,art and anything else that inspires the word wow but let's talk about music that has been part of my life as far back as I could remember myself being alive as a human.

It is no longer news for regular readers of my blog that I love music as I kinda bore them with posts about it sometimes.

Maybe I should talk a bit about this love for melodious noise.

Some how,it is hard to really explain where and how I met music.
My first thought of music would be that of some FUJI video cassette that my dad had: KWAM 1 and the likes.
Then I can remember an unusually coloured cassette of rare-sounding Panam Percy Paul
Then two CDs of Celine Dion containing songs like Power of Love and You are my Angel
And that selection CD containing rnb tinged songs of Ja rule , the Feminine Kingship of Eve over rap beats, then that rap song Left Eye did that makes my brain feel hypnotic for as long as the verses go and then "Wasn't Me",remember that hit by Ja Rule and a guy that likes to sleep around
And then came Craig David, his handsome face and beautiful songs like Walking Away , Seven Days and his other songs about flirting and falling in love until he went to sleep and woke up in the middle of night with "insomnia"

Then fast forwarded until when I had my first phone and I went wild with songs until now.

Don't ask me what I am listening to, it's a very confusing playlist of sick songs


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