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What is ESTEEM8 ?

ESTEEM8 is a decentralized, autonomous and community driven organization.

We try to provide the best application available to browse the Steem network that is also called ESTEEM8.


ESTEEM8 is a playful and fun autonomous, decentralized and community driven organization that doesn’t take itself too seriously. That said, we’re keen on keeping things quality.

We’re highly invested in building fresh, light and design applications using the best technologies available.


Design & Experience.

Application’s design experience reproduce the fundamentals of light, surface, and movement to provide a meaningful experience close to how object exist and relate to each other in time and space reality.

In other terms, we try to provide a fluid and speed bandwidth to effortlessly transmit your intentions to the Steem blockchain trough a comfortable application experience.


ESTEEM8 Application use the Steem blockchain to store and access to your data. This provide the world most transparent social media network available.

The blockchain also offer us to provide you a service without any ads and giving awesome network performances.

GITHUB / CHAT / @esteem8 / ORG / APP

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Will gain much more attention if you show us the team behind.

//Edit: and add more related links/screenshots to this post.


Agreed on first point


A team presentation is actually planned.

You can edit this file from our github here.


Your edit proposal section is not seeming to function. I wrote this and could not submit it:
The wording of the site. I live in Ecuador - it looks like it was written by a native Spanish speaker. It refers to the image above, which is, in fact below.
"Discover on which technology is based our application." Nobody would ever say that in English. So, an alternative which is a bit more dynamic..., "Discover the technology which drives ESTEEM8."
Being user-centric is key. There does not appear to be a "Golden Path" on the platform but it may be early days for that, though I hope it exists in your wire-frames.
I used to work in Digital Media so these things are just givens, to me.


Thanks for your input, we're currently adding website content to this repository.


I won the whale vote contest - watch out! Good things coming!

I'll check it out. Is @piskel correlated with pixel? Just saying, no need for answer.

Really interesting initiative. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to following as the hypesquad progresses :)

Love it !! I'm sure it will really become THE NEW SOCIAL MEDIA GENERATION. You go guys !

Super Excited to jump in the # Mix!!

I really wish I knew how to code or be a part of this. Right now I'm cheering you on from the crowd.

I haven't had the chance to take a deeper look at what you are doing but keep it up. I appreciate your efforts!

The greatest success for you.