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Actually, who is my soul mate?

Not a few of us often question this kind of thing to ourselves. Maybe you have had a relationship with someone for a long time, but sometimes you still feel doubt whether he is the right person? Is he your soulmate? These doubts often make you think about searching again and again.

Hey, actually the soul mate you are looking for has signs. Well, if when you feel this way, then you don't need to be tired of looking for something better. Because most likely, he is the one who becomes your true partner until the end.

Comfort is the main point that you will feel when you have met the right partner. Instead of having to always be filled with interactive discussions and the same activities, sitting together even though being busy with each other's world will still make you feel at home beside him. Maybe you're working on your college assignment, then he accompanied you while reading his favorite manga.

Even though there are no conversations between you, you still feel calm. Because for those of you happy it's simple. The existence of a partner still makes you happy even though you two are not doing the same activity.

You may have known him for a long time. You know about the bad. You know that he really isn't a perfect person. Sometimes he is also the most annoying person in the world. Every now and then you also feel annoyed at him.

But the more days, the more you realize that you don't want to lose him. Even though you already know how bad it is, your feelings for him are far greater than the feelings you have felt before. Even a fight with him can feel less burdensome.

Maybe when in front of other people you can jaim or a little cover up your self's shame Different when you are dealing with your soul, you feel comfortable being yourself. You don't need to worry about having to dress up before meeting him. When he comes to you, you don't have to put on a sweet pose to greet him. You feel free to show your strange qualities.

You - with all your shortcomings and strengths - what you show as it really is will not make him leave you. Because after all, a true partner is not he who loves your strengths, but also accepts your shortcomings with open arms.

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