Hold my hand tightly

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When I walked so fast I never imagined we were teenagers and had known the world of work and the world of love with the opposite sex. You are so kind and always succumb to me now that you have grown into someone who can protect me, love me, make me smile. I will remember the story of our childhood filled with laughter and crying.

I never thought that far, I never thought that we could meet. The beginning that I didn't expect when we played together at that time was just a runny boy and me a quiet kid, he liked crying too, how surprised when you shook your hand and you introduced yourself to me and I also returned your hand while saying, "I'm Tyas. Greetings know ya, Tika ".

Today changed our friendship day just getting sticky like a stamp that doesn't want to come off. You start going to school because the holidays have finished and I also like you have to go to school, our school is different but you still remember me even though there are lots of friends who want to play with you. I also grew up to be a child who understood the meaning of love even though I was still corn.

At the moment I have a sincere affection from an older brother there too I also feel a very painful sadness to feel. I have to give up a friend who I consider to be an older brother away from me forever. It turned out that the last kiss and hug I received from a sister who looked beautiful. From that incident I realized that health and hygiene were important.

On the other hand my little friend approached me, embraced me and said "you do not grieve and cry God Almighty that fairness may be the best for him, you still have many people who love you", I realized that I have no right to blame Allah SWT all arranged We are still small, but our hearts and souls have felt for each other to love each other. You comforted me while I was in a state of loss like this.

Indeed, nothing can replace my sister, but you still have my brother. "Pathetic Perpipasahan" We have reached adolescence where we already know what dating is? We graduated from the same junior high school when we were happy but when I had to go to school in health and while you had to go to school in accounting. Farewell that starts from a sad difference in school. I also have no communication with you because you are already busy with your school affairs and I have to practice health here and there so there is no time for us together.

At one time I had to lose someone I love, someone who protected his family, smart people who could manage their citizens, namely my father who had to leave me forever, when I was in a bad situation, I had to give up my dear father. Once this heart was struck where I was just entering health school but my father had left me at a glance I had time to despair again my little friend came and shook hands while saying, "Do you still remember me, I have accompanied you when you too slumped and I once told you Allah Almighty is just fair. Maybe Allah SWT is dear to your father so he must take it back. Try to lay your heart up now I'm with you again ". MasyaAllah, the person I had forgotten to attend, came back and held me affectionately. Thank you again for all your friends.

It was really shocked when I saw you sitting next to me while we were interviewing. The period of our God is reunited in an adult state, we greet each other. Until now, you are still my little jailer, funny, cute but beautiful, how come his name is also a woman. You are still my best friend who always loves me even though I had forgotten you but it was difficult. Keep holding my hand tight even though I make you angry or sad. Stay with me even though I'm in a state of slump and happy.

Don't you stain our friendship. And hopefully there are no problems that can damage our friendship. A sincere friend is hard to find while a friend who is jealous of his heart is much sought after. My little friend I remember until later in heaven.

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