Headache Thinking about you

in esteem •  10 months ago 


Fret is not a decoration.
Fret that made me upset.
Maybe it has the same meaning.
But I don't know, the important thing is I'm worried.
I'm worried about you.
I'm worried about you.
Do you think this is good?
It feels bad, but I keep thinking about you.
I'm afraid something happened to you.
I'm afraid there is nothing with you.
Somehow I always think of you.
I think why can I think of you.
I ask the mist.
The mist is increasing my mind about you.
I ask myself.
I even told me to keep thinking about you.
And I also asked the grass that I accidentally stepped on.
Sick, he said.
Nobody knows why I think of you.
I always think about how I don't think about you.
But it's useless.
You continue to be in my mind
Neatly arranged in memories and memories.
Forgive me for continuing to think of you.

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Jika sudah terlalu sakit, jangan lupa untuk minum obatnya, my bro ...

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