Have you ever thought of cheating?

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When a husband leaves home and is tied to another woman. Always what we hear is the mistake of his wife. When the wife prefers to be quiet and not divorce the husband. The wife will be said to be a stupid woman. Hey, first think of all the mistakes of his wife.

Have you ever been in a position when the wife waited for her husband late at night? Have you ever felt unappreciated when a sick husband treated his wife sincerely. Already treated, shouted and beaten again. Physical blows can still disappear and heal within a few days. But, blows through words can hurt forever. Maybe until he died.

Have you ever been in a position when your wife asked your husband for money instead your wife was accused of being a thief?

Have you ever been in a position as a wife and mother who worked 24 hours at home? When the house falls apart, the wife is said to be stupid. Hey, other women are interesting. But, have you ever thought that a wife at home is someone who accompanies you and sincerely does everything that seems lacking in the husband's eyes.

When the wife is not beautiful anymore, it is said the wife cannot take care of herself. But, has the husband ever given a small gift so that the wife always remembers that he is loved? Because, he doesn't work then is considered weak and stupid. Then the woman who works out there looks attractive? He was not stupid, only his choice fell to take care of his home and small family. It is more noble even though with that he is paid with verbal abuse and anger.

When the wife feels her husband has changed, the husband says that the wife is far-fetched. When the wife begins to suspect that the husband has a heart to another woman, the wife is said to be accusing. When a child's failure occurs, the wife is blamed. Though the husband did not care for the slightest growth and development of the child. Even do not care about the various kinds of struggle carried out by the child.

Still say the wife is stupid? Then, are husbands classified as smart? The wife who chooses to divorce and the wife who chooses to survive is because they have strong beliefs and choices. Don't blame them. Has a little husband ever remembered to contact his wife when she was busy?

Has the husband ever seen how tired his wife was? Being a wife and a mother are required to be perfect and can be said as if it is forbidden to be sick. But, they are also humans. so, don't snare at them when they are sick. Just as their husbands need to be considered. They are not ghosts of house keepers or household assistants.

When, children begin to not care about their father. The wife is blamed. Then what is the attitude of a father who should be in front of their mother if they want to be respected and respected by children? What by insulting their mother and berating their mother? Ah, it's a dream in broad daylight if your child will appreciate and respect you. Look at your wife, if she cries and is sad there must be a cause. Too often, when it hurts, too much in the wife can no longer cry.

Then do you still say when your husband cheats on the wrong wife? Don't be selfish. What makes you look good is your wife. Just look at your neatly ironed clothes and your healthy body. That's because he takes care of you painfully so that other women are attracted to you. See and remember his struggle when you were both struggling together. Your wife turns her brain so that your salary is enough for one month. Then you still blame him when you get sick he doesn't take care of you? If he doesn't take care of you, it's because you hurt him.

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