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Love is mysterious but so funny, so sometimes we can laugh in tears or cry in laughter. I LOVE YOU! The three words I want to say when I meet you, and in the end just end up on the lips without ever being spoken and at that time I really wanted to laugh and cry.

Laughing at me who is too cool to be honest and cry because maybe there are other women who are also working on you.

In the end everything was said in writing, really I would be very embarrassed if you knew and read this, but I also hoped for that. Without having to be tired, I say in front of you, this article has been represented.

If love could be planned, maybe I would choose to fall in love with Niall Horan or Zayn Malik, or maybe Lee Seung Gi, but unfortunately I can't. Falling in love with someone is destiny, no matter how strong we avoid not being able to do it, or otherwise as strong as we try, but if not fate, what do we want to say.

Loving someone is the most beautiful thing but love as a woman is sometimes difficult to say directly to you. It can only be buried and kept buried, until the time has come to pay our fears to be honest with you, with jealousy and jealousy.

Jealousy for the difference between your attitude. You really don't know, pretending not to know or even not wanting to know, if there is a moaning girl who wants to stand with you and be part of your love story.

What is the way of our love, maybe it needs to be asked on the swaying grass, or on the weeping weeds? I don't know and still never know. Enjoying the day by continuing to imagine about you is truly an extraordinary thing, so amazing that I forget that not for a second you won't do anything like that to me.

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