Poetry: Keeping the Light Alive

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Heya, fellow steemians and otakus! It's me again, @yuki-nee for another
[Poem] titled, "Keeping the Light Alive"


Shadows drilling into the deepest part,
slowly breaking the heart apart;
piercing the tiny light like a dart,
can the heart still make a fresh start?

The astute hope shining its rays,
trying its best to light the way;
keeping the pieces from breaking away
but what price do we need to pay?

In this world that's going wrong,
can the heart remain strong?
When justice and truth evades the tongue,
are we supposed to bath in dungs?

Dark clouds hanging atop our heads,
preventing the light from reaching the seed;
the world's essence eaten by greed,
will the heart forever hide in dread?

We need courage to fight our foes,
we need light to drive away the shadows;
life will always experience blows
but does it not also help us grow?


Image source: Pixabay





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