Tips ON How To Make Schooling Fun!

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Most people (students specifically) do not find school as a fun place to be. Not that we can blame them -- considering the strict rules, teachers, and endless homework and projects, and the likes.

But going to school doesn't need to be a drag as school can be a fun place too!

There are plenty of ways to make schooling a fun and memorable, and in this article, I'll be discussing some of them.

1. Make friends!

Having someone to cough share the burden will make your life in school easier. And the best way to do it is to make some friends!

Friends makes school more colorful and fun. Even the most boring school activities become more interesting if you do it with your friends. Of course choosing the best people to share a fun school life is a very important matter -- you cannot just choose anyone to be friends with.

a) Make sure to choose friends that would lead you to the right path.

  • Though it's good to make lots of friends, some might mislead you -- bringing you to the wrong path. As such be sure to choose the right crowd.

b) Choose people that shares your interest (if possible).

  • Though you could not always have friends that shares your interest -- being friends with people that does makes schooling more interesting.


2. Join a club!

Most of us are members of the "go home club" but joining a club (specially clubs that caters to one's interest) is a worthwhile endeavor. Certainly, not all of us have the time (or stamina) to join a club but if you do, joining a club can make your school life very exciting!

There's no club in your school that interest you?

Simple. Just create the club that you wanted! If you followed the first tip and made lots of friends, you can easily create any club you wanted. Sure, it might sounded like a lot of work (and it is) but the payoff would have been worth it.

3. Complete All School Works As Soon As Possible.

One of the many gripes that students have against school is the almost endless homework and projects that needed to be done; and as someone who also experienced the almost endless floods of school works, I can relate. But I have found out that the easiest way to deal with those school works is to complete them as soon as possible!

Sounds really simple right?

Indeed it is! Yet students seemed to scorn this simple and straightforward approach of dealing with school works, despite being so effective. Why? Because homework and projects are always given ahead of time so that students have ample time to do them. Yet most students tends to do these school works when the deadline is near -- resulting to unnecessary pressure as the students rush (and struggle) to finish them.

That's why it is always better to complete them as soon as possible. Here's another tip: Start with the easiest homework or project so that you can focus on the more difficult ones -- the less work there are the less the pressure on you.

4. Never Cram On Exams and Quizzes.

Exams and quizzes made up big parts of our grades; and the higher our scores on them are, the better our grades. Yet, like homework and projects, students likes to study when there's little time left! Cramming, before exams and quizzes is a bad mentality to have if you wanted to have an enjoyable school life. Pressure in the right amount can be good for us but too much will only harm do harm and no good.

Therefore, always start early. review your lessons and hand-outs ahead of time; and makes sure to avoid cramming as much as possible. Only when you completed your school responsibilities can you do the things you wanted. In other words, less worry more fun!

And that, ladies and gentlemen (and someone and in-between) are some important tips to make schooling a less dreary and more fun. Obviously, there are more tips that you can follow that would allow you as a student to enjoy your school life; but the four mentioned above are the most important (or at least I think they are) ones.

This is it for now. I hope the tips written in this article would prove useful to the students out there. Have a nice day!


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