Fragments of a Dream (A Free Verse Poem)

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Fragments of a dream
falling into the abyss,
calling for help--a wordless scream;
sounding like a wailing beast.

Broken pieces turning to dust,
the earth turning to ashes
--everything's blown away by a gust;
the darkness gushes like rust!

The light swallowed by despair,
tears are falling so severe--
the shadow of death knows no fear;
but sorrow is beyond repair?

Eternity is but a fantasy,
a facade without a trace of reality.
Dancing on the hand of cruelty,
a world, in a sea of nihility!

Traces of joy there's none,
fragment of hope there's one,
tomorrow is never truly gone
but what is done cannot be undone!


"Fragments of a Dream" by vegaron



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