Fate Out To Play: A Villanelle

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"Fate Out To Play"

Watch out when fate is out to play
for one could easily lose his light.
Allow not yourself to become the prey.

Whether you choose to cry or pray,
careful not to get knocked out in the fight.
Watch out when fate is out to play.

Sweep all obstacles out of the way,
unless you want to stumble at night.
Allow not yourself to become the prey.

Though the world is turning gray,
one should make sure the path is right.
Watch out when fate is out to play.

Become not a dog that is stray,
open your eyes; widen your sight.
Allow not yourself to become prey.

Nurture one's hope like a ray.
Let it shine and make it bright.
Watch out when fate is out to play.
Allow not yourself to become prey.



What is a Villanelle?

A villanelle (also known as villanesque) is a nineteen-line poetic form consisting of five tercets followed by a quatrain. There are two refrains and two repeating rhymes, with the first and third line of the first tercet repeated alternately until the last stanza, which includes both repeated lines. The villanelle is an example of a fixed verse form. The word derives from Latin, then Italian, and is related to the initial subject of the form being the pastoral.



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I envy those who can write fixed form for the time and focus they put into getting all the rules right. I lack that discipline in my writing. This was an interesting introduction to this fixed form

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