Cryptocurrency - Should We Educate Our Children About It?

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The world has enter the world of ongoing digital dominance, and today children are being taught to adopt to this new era. Children of today are more verse in using new technology compared to children of yesteryears. They can easily be taught how to use new technologies and are more accepting to new things. Among the rising technology is without a doubt cryptocurrency. So this begs the question. Should cryptocurrency and its underlying principles be taught to children?

My answer is a resounding yes!

Cryptocurrency will without a doubt be the future of money. The spread of the technology would never be stopped. And though there were those who have tried (and failed) to put an end to the rise this technology, cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general remained tall and strong. Since the spread of cryptocurrency can no longer be stopped, is there a reason why it should not be taught in school? In my personal opinion there’s absolutely no harm in teaching them on how to use the technology, rather, I only see advantages.

Think about it, these children, who have learned how to use cryptocurrency would have great advantages compared to those who did not learn it after they’ve grown into adults 10+ years later! Let us say that the technology have grown to the point that became common to use cryptocurrency in our daily lives. Those who have learned the technology beforehand can take advantage of all the benefits that cryptocurrency have to offer while the others (who learned late) would still be struggling on how to use it!

But would cryptocurrency even reach that point, you ask?

My question is why would it not?

Crptocurrency, or blockchain in general is akin to the internet when it was first introduced into the world. Back then not many understands the benefits of the internet. But now? The internet have become so integral in our lives that many people could not even imagine living without it! As such, is there a reason for cryptocurrency to not reach that point? We must not forget that we are on the early stages of the digital age. And as we progress t later stages money (or most of it) would become digitalized. Meaning, in the future, we no longer need to carry real hard cash on our person every time we went outside! All we needed is our phone or a similar tool if we wanted to purchase something!

Such thing is inevitable as the world and our technology progresses. In reality, we are already seeing the effect of crypto today. One does not need to be a genius to see where we are heading. Cryptocurrency will someday become a norm and no ne would be able to stop. Therefore, we should educate our children about cryptocurrency as early as possible – they will thank you for it later.

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