My story: Do not buy me ..

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One of my evening habits was visiting a shop next to us where books were sold.
As usual, I went there hoping to find a book that would heal my endless noses for reading. I took my time and looked very carefully at something that interested me, but to no avail, my signs showed signs of frustration as I prepared to return to the house with a sense of nostalgia. .!
"Do not buy me"
I looked at the bright red cover and the provocative marketing phrase that had been placed as the title of the book. I hesitated first and thought carefully: Will I really buy a book that is just as provocative as its title?
I often buy books based on the name of the author and not the title or form any interest, after minutes was the war Besos has intensified in the mind and the conflicting conflicting hooligans, hence the cry of support for the book and from there comes the opposition is strict and categorically rejects.
I took my hand toward the red casing and asked for the pride of my mouth when I looked at the title "Do not buy me" and I said with a voice that was filled with pride and pride:

  • But I will share you ..!
    I actually bought the book, and as soon as I got home I hurried to browse his papers.
    Alfred, the four-decade-old gypsy man, was the hero of the story.
    Alfred lived a childhood filled with bruises of painful deprivation. He was subjected to abuse, beatings and expulsion from his father's wife, who was like a bogeyman. He made his childhood a dark, dark childhood, even those days that smelled of smile and hope like birthdays and religious events. The sugar behind her buckle does not match his bitterness any bitterness.
    He left the house as a teenager in the youthful vigor of his youth, and worked here and there to fill his footprints. The years passed, and he returned to his skin to adapt to the slime of life and lead to its bitter reality.
    In the middle of his second decade he married a girl after a short-lived love story that lasted only three months.
    Spent two months full of love, marriage seemed legendary, especially when he found the tenderness and containment, which has long been looking for them, he finally began Alfred slowly recover his soul and live with his new life, which was reddened cheerful after years of bitter darkness ..!

Here I read the book 123 pages and left me about 40 to end this book, which looked really wonderful, I was surprised by the title, which seemed completely contrary to the content, "Do not buy me," but I did not leave those thoughts spit on me and distracted my focus quickly I expelled and continued reading.

That evening he went out to work, but he felt a little tired, so he had to go back to the house, but before returning he bought a gift for his wife and returned with the aura of pleasure hovering around him.
The door was closed with the key, exclamation point for a moment and then open it. If he hears the sound of a man in the house, rub his eyelids and be perplexed.
His wife's laughter was cowardly, and the voice of that man, who looked rude, increased the scene with a fury and left no doubt in the heart of Alfred, whose forehead was bitten by a sweat and felt very helpless and dizzy.
He was like a bull. He had thousands of questions in his mind, but he was not prepared to answer any of them. He carried his knife and went to the sound source - the bedroom.

The writer stopped the narrative I turned the pages and my heart irritated:

  • Where is the next? Where is the next? So I was shouting angrily.
    And suddenly three pages before the index and his grandmother had written a few lines, I swallowed Riki and prepared Rushdie and then I said thank God is the next ..

When Alfred was trembling with tears, Alfred trembled. He approached the bedroom and the knife in his hand, but he found the door closed. He approached the steps more slowly and sweat sweated from his forehead, increased his fear, closed his eyelids and took exhaustion and groaning, tears swallowed with sweat and felt as if he were carrying on his shoulders. A mountain.
When he stood directly opposite the door and before putting his hand on the handle, he found a piece of paper hanging on the door of the room that had been written on it.
"I told you do not buy me"



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