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Is fall time for sadness?
The summer has gone away, the cold is coming soon, leaves fall down, birds fly away...

But wait!
Stop pessimism mood and look here!

This is a real fall fairytale!
I hate fall, I must say this truth, but, guys, that night became my love!

Silence, absolute silence!
No wind, no noise,just whisper of fallen leaves... tasty and fresh...a splendid smell of leaves and changes in the weather.
That park was our desert island - no people at all, though it was only 6 pm. Where a
re you all?? Don't stay at home, you will miss this magic! But...No! Stay there! I will enjoy it by myself, and nobody will disturb me;)

The only best company for me is my Steemfam😍
And I invite you to feel this magic.

This photo is double photo:))
I was caught while catching that magic fall night;)

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Autumn is not my favorite season though. Winter (with snow) I like more.
Still, ... nice pictures.

do you like winter??
Snow here is a rare thing. What about your place?
I was born in December, but I hate cold;) I had to be born somewhere in tropic countries, living in Russia is a challenge for my warmth-loving soul;)

I was born early January. When I was a kid, winters here were colder and had quite some snow. Don't remember it myself but my mother told me I was standing on the table and chairs watching and cheering when whe had snowfall. And wanting to get outside asap.
Always have liked snow, it makes me calm and gives me a satisfied/comfortable feeling. Difficult to describe.
(But, like the warmth of summer also ofcourse)

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