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Fasting is a very useful thing that helps solve many health problems. It is not a secret already.


A Japanese scientist named Yoshinori Osumi received a $ 950,000 Nobel Prize for this discovery in 2016. He could prove that the human body is able to get rid of toxins and toxins due to interval fasting only during 24 hours.

Many people are sure that they need some days of fasting to get benefits, but as far as they can not reject from food for so long time, so fasting is not for them.

24 hours is great time for great changes in out body!

Autophagy is the process of recycling all unnecessary waste in the human body. Thanks to it, the cells begin to renew themselves and remove toxins from the body and even infections and viruses that can attack us.


Only 1 day fasting makes us healthier and younger for 6 months!

I have heard much of it, but I was afraid to try.
I was sure I would feel very bad and just would not be able to do anything.
But I am with my son all day long, so I could not just stay in my bed and have fasting;)

But...some days ago I made it!

I entered an online group of people who listened to lectures of our teacher and then we practiced our knowledge.

It was lectures about healthy food, vegan life, raw vegan life, fasting, reasons of deseases etc.

I have been involved into the topic during 3 years already, so I wasn not a newcomer but I got much of useful info! This theme is really so deep that we can study it nonstop.

I got 3 webinars, a chance to ask all my questions and...fasting time:)

This time having support from the teacher I was decisive:)

And how surprised I was! I felt good! No apathy, pain, sleepy mood or great hunger. Yes, I wanted to eat but only in the beginning, and only when I fed my kid and cooked food for him:)
Then it was much easier, I forgot I did not eat for a long time and felt great! I was like an energiser:)) I cleaned, cooked, walked...much much energy!


And yes, it was fasting with water. I drank water any time I wanted to eat.
Moreover, herbs, herb teas, some juices and honey are also good, they will not stop fasting because they do not start digestive function, they are absorbed in the stomach.

Many people really feel bad, it is a sign of detoxication and bad state of health.

I think my raw vegan diet during some years made a lot of use, so my body was not so full of toxins

Actually, I was very proud and inspired I tried it and succeeded:)

Now it will become my practice every month or 2 weeks. Let's see the results;)

Did you try it, friends??

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Totally agree! I’ve been intermittent fasting for 8+ years, changed my life. 😀

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wow, 8+ is a great term!
how long did you have fasting? 24 hours or more?

  ·  21 days ago (edited)

Not these days anymore but usually 2-3 times a week for 24 hours and about 20 hours the other 4-5 days. I’ve been doing it so long it’s like normal for me these days lol

so wait...you don't eat at all, or eat only 4 hours a day? you save huge money for food then?:)) are you a millionare already?:)

I Love water fasting! Been doing it for years! 💖

heeeey who is here?? I am glad to see you!!
how are you, twins' daddy??:)

Twins are Wonderful Happy and Amazing! But me and mama are sleep deprived. 😁😍😀

Hi @taliakerch
Wow it seems great, please you can place a link to see more about the subject.
But I will be very honest I don't know if I could be able to spend 24 hours without eating anything.
However, after reading what can be done and can drink water when I feel hungry, I change my way of thinking.

I will try but I must prepare myself

I read in Russian about this scientist and his discovery, so my links can't help you;)
I will make another post with my advice about easy fasting:)

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