My Top 5 Features of eSteem Surfer

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A few weeks ago @good-karma made a post stating his five reasons to use the eSteem surfer. In his post he asked the eSteemians to write about their five reasons of using eSteem surfer.

For those of you who have no idea about eSteem, read below:
eSteem is an application for both mobile and pc versions which can be used as an alternative to steemit. The main reason of using eSteem is that you get cool features which you won't see on the main steemit application. On top of that, if your post is a original and has good content, you have chances to get curated from eSteem team.
The eSteem surfer was built just a few months ago and it has become home of more than 10k steemians who post through the surfer along with the eSteem mobile application.

I do love most of the features of the eSteem surfer but as I have to write only about five, so here we begin:

Push notifications
You can't stay on steemit for 24 hours to see who commented or replied on your posts, neither can you see who followed or unfollowed you. For that purpose eSteem surfer has a push notification feature.
Untitled.png push.png
Push notifications allows you get real time notifications whenever anyone replies or comments on your post or whenever anyone follows or unfollows you. This helps you lower the burden of checking your account every now and then and saves your time more importantly.

Multi accounts
If you are using multiple accounts, surfer might be the best application to use for that purpose. Surfer comes with a feature of multiple accounts where you can switch between them instantly.
Untitled.png multi.png
For those of you who write for communities or have multiple accounts, you can easily switch between the accounts and write your posts. Surfer is the best option for the people using multiple accounts.

With surfer you can even bookmark posts to read them later. You just have to click on bookmark option to save the post to the bookmarks.
Untitled.png bookmarks.png
If you are travelling or busy with other stuff and you get a push notification that your favourite author posted on steemit, you can simply hit the bookmark option on top of the post to read it later whenever you have tim to read it. You can then delete your bookmarks once you have read them.

Top posts
Ever wondered which of your posts got most attention in terms of upvote value?
Well now you can simply view your top posts in terms of value on the top of your blog.
Before the introduction of the surfer, you had to search all the way down to look for the posts which earned you the most but now you can see your most valuable posts at the top of your blog.

This might not be useful for the eSteemians but I really like the way it is presented on your profile.
This reputation system really looks cool, your profile picture has a white circle surrounding it and reputation is written on top right side of the circle. You might call me stupid but I love this feature most.


Do you use eSteem?
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greeting for @good-karma

I am using eSteem as well, I find the "schedule" feature pretty neat. I have to make a post on this 5 reasons as well. Glad I bumped into your post.

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