Adjusting Back to my old life in Bangkok

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Let’s be honest, I have always loved it here. But I did not expect to be back so soon and certainly not under these circumstances. Odd huh, and it gets more so when you here I will be the subject of quite some media attention perhaps in the coming weeks and months. I have no idea what I am doing just yet. I seem to just be living from day-to-day.


So, let's get settled. I have been back now a little over 3 weeks, during which time I have secured myself a lovely home close to Udomsuk BTS with some stunning views. I have spent a fair few quid on a TV and other furnishings I needed….had some interviews also, from which I have high hopes of securing full time work here again. So, I have little to complain about as I am back where I love, possibly back in a job I love, having those great Expat/Thai nights out that I love.

pefc1a.jpgChicken & Cashew Nuts
My Street



However, this came at just about the biggest cost you can imagine. Just how much of a cost I will be explaining soon in my multipart serial of articles entitled ‘Exiled’. I say multipart because so far I am about to start part three, and I am only about half way through telling the story. Don’t under-estimate it. It is one hell of a story or Police corruption, dereliction of duty, bias, lies along with social services committing much of the same. It is a long way from over, and some twists and turns are bound to appear in the coming months. So this could be a saga I write about for a year or more

59agb6.jpgChildrens Services
But it is a story of how I became an Expat once again, after my many years here in Bangkok before as well as Phuket, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia to name but a few. I never liked being back in the UK., so in most regards I am damn glad to be back. I don’t know what more to say to be honest. Just know that while my stories may seem like space fillers, they are leading up to something that will shock and upset many of you. The power police and social services now have to destroy peoples lives is beyond your wildest beliefs, unless like some I know, you have been through it yourself in some similar way shape or form.

The kids I lost and my good old dad

Anyway, enjoy the shots of my condo, the views, the street I live in, the nights out and the food. The shot of me (the bald handsome one) sat with my best friend Joy is at a fabulous Thai after hours establishment that serve up seriously full on Thai food/Isaan food. No one seems to know the name of this place and if you put in the Thai name that comes up on Google Maps and ask for a translation you get ข้าวต้มหอเจี๊ยะ = Rice Hog Porridge. Included on the menu, some of my old favourites such as Deep fried ducks beaks, uncooked meat dishes in hot aniseed style sauces, and other similar north-east Thai food stuff you will never get unless you go into such places as this.


My Joy Pink Butterfly



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