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HELLO, GOOD MORNUNG TO ALL OF YOU. I recently found this hilarious sketch I did awhile ago. Like very some time ago. And I decided to post it here. And see if you guys like it and also to get to know me better. These are a couple of things I like and a very cute drawing of a doll, wish that was actually me lol. Anyway I name a few things I like. Like my dog, which back at that time I only have her, Now I have Summer ( a golden retriever) so I need to draw her there as well. What else? Hmm.. black clothes because why not? Painting supplies!!! Because of course I have to!!! Cactus, which I have a big collection of them in my house. Elephants, my favorite animal. Autumn, my favorite season. Taking pictures! Books, I love to read. And pizza because I'm not that fancy. And so many other things. Chucks, I really have a big collection of them as well lol. Netflix! I love spent most of my time there while I'm not reading so yeah. Basically all this things make me happy. And sometimes it's good to just make a list or doodle them and remind yourself all the good stuff you like and make you who you are. So here they are.

Tell me yours. I'd like to know.
I also made one for my friend @denissemata but i haven't finished yet (sorry babe)


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Hello @skullangs. I’m trying to get a little reunion together for this week’s food fight. I sure hope you can join us, the rewards are about to get real exciting.

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