💗✏🎨BULLET JOURNAL - ROMANCE 💖❤💕(Album 2019 by Camila Cabello)💄👠💋👄

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Hello!!! Since I didn't post anything on the weekend I thought I'll post today something about Valentine's day. I made this spread pages last month. About one of my favorite albums!! I swear I'm obsessed. I have been for like 3 months now. It is so so so good. I'm not actually a fan of her,but it happened that I heard a couple of songs and decided to get her whole album and wooow! I'm still listening to every song and they are only getting better and better. I also may add that I'll be doing another music bujo pages of Halsey's new album as well,Maniac. It's really good and one of my favorites alongside this one.


I added a couple of pictures I thought it would get really well with the concept the album, and its lyrics. Also some of my favorites songs and I wrote a few lyrics that I loved. I tried to do it with all of the songs of the album but well.. I tried. I hope you guys like it. Leave a comment and upvote pls ❤



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