💡✏BULLET JOURNAL - First pages of January. 💡✏📖🌾

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Hello I am here again. I'm trying to post as much as I can. And today I decided to continue with my bullet journal spreads this one was one of the first I did in January. It's basically things that I loved in 2019. Like music. Stuff that I learnt and things to remember this year. Alongside a couple of pictures that represent my inner self. I really like this one. Like I said it was one of the first I did and I was new with the whole layering stuff. Even if it's not perfect I really liked it. Hope you guys like it as well. Also forgive my handwriting. I have an awful handwriting and well... Hope you can understand what it says.

Also trying different filters for this one. The next post won't be about my bujo (bullet journal) I promise. I have already 4 posts about this and I know I should change it a bit. So prepare for some new stuff soon. Of course I won't stop posting this. I love this content and well.. I love doing it. Have a great day and weekend.


I have been liking your series of bullet journal posts, you can tell a lot of love and care goes into each spread. Nice work :) I hope 2020 is a good one for you. Cheers

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Ah thank you so much this means a lot. Seriously. Thanks for your words 💛

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I love your journaling style! I'm going to have to send this over to my sister who is bananas about journals (She regretably isn't a Steemian... yet.)

Oh that's so nice!!! I'm very happy about it thank you so much. Also convince her to be a steemian 😄💛😁

Gonna do my best! hahaha. I figure showing her that folks like you show off notebooks will help convert her to be one of us.

Hahaha very well. Show her! And let me know of she listens 😄💛

Wow, that's a beautiful journal. Should try doing something like that myself...


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