Georgian bread

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They say that in childhood sugar is sweeter. And I remember our Soviet bread twenty kopeks more. How did he run with a trifle clutched in his palm to a nearby shop and wondered what to buy for delivery today: a bun with cream fudge or a pipe with jam?
Fresh bread was brought closer to six in the evening. Next to the trays hung special forks, which customers tried the bread for freshness. But even without forks, because of the aroma in the store, it was clear that there was a supply of bread.

And now you carry this loaf home, and on the way you will, by accident, gnaw a bread crust, because it is so crispy and tasty that you have no strength to resist. And no home scolding is not scary!

I experienced similar emotions walking along the streets of old Tbilisi. It is simply impossible to pass past small bakeries that are found in the Georgian capital quite often. The houses closest to the bakery are shrouded in such a intoxicating smell of fresh bread that the legs themselves stop and the hands reach for the wallet:

  • One shotis puri, please!

“Puri” in Georgian is “bread”, and “shotis” is a diamond-shaped baking. There is still Dedas Puri - "Mother's bread" - an elongated cake.


How we bake Dedas puri we saw during a trip to Kakheti. The hostess with us rolled out the dough ...


... formed the bread rolls and sent them to the hot “tonne” oven.

A few minutes later the bread was ready. It’s not worth talking about his taste! A fragrant roll with a crispy crust, my wife and I smiled in dry meat for a couple of minutes.


If you are in Georgia, be sure to try the local national bread "puri".


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