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RE: eSteem - iOS v1.4.5, Schedule posts, Bandwidth saver, language, improvements, minor Android fix

in #esteem3 years ago

Have you added refresh button? Was not able to find it in previous version. (Refreshing new, followed tab etc)


Thank you for your comment! Refresh button on which page, perhaps we can add it with next release? Front page has pull down to refresh and every time you change feed/filter posts are refreshed. Followers and Followings page also does refresh with new data every time you visit...

Would be nice to have pull to refresh capability in every place where one would like to update content. So we would not have to switch between new/feed etc.

Yes, as I mentioned... New/Feed page (or front page) has it already. As for all other pages, pull down to refresh is not proper because those pages are for reading, transferring funds, uploading profile picture or cover picture, etc. Will consider this on blog page though, it could be very useful there as well... ;)

Can't see that function working on my galaxy 7 edge. Nothing happens, I suppose there should be at least an animation (like fb pull to refresh has)

Oh you are right, I just checked. It looks like we have disabled it in this version. Will re-enable with new release, there is also plans to improve caching of posts which should improve performance greatly...

Great app by the way, kudos from fellow android developer!