Abundance at home.

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Hello steemians, today I have some nice flowers to show you. They are growing around my house. I like to view them everyday. I take care of them, pouring them water and also talk to them. Hehe




Pearl flower


Red needle flowers.


Thai Jasmin.


Peacock flowers.


Watercress Pink Flower.

What flower do you like the most? I think I like all of this flowers. They are unique and beautiful. They make my garden alive.

Thank you for visiting my post. I hope you have a good time. See you around.


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Thank you very much.

Nice garden with many beautiful flowers. My most favorites are jasmin and Pearl flower, very lovely! Ah! It's good to talk to them every day! ;)

Thank you for your lovely comment. It's nice to enjoy living close to nature. I love it.

You're welcome! I love to live close to nature, too. ;)

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