I'm in deep water

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I was spent a quite hard time, everything like attacks me and made me stress a lot. I don't have any time to write a review or share something but now everything not good but not too bad and I don't want to do anything so I think I should write something to out of this bad feeling.

I don't want to do everything and hide in life. The feeling like you are deep in the water and try to float to the surface of the water but all around you are the ocean. I don't know do you experienced this time like me? but I really hate me right now, look me like a fool.

I hope if you are like me, you will out of this time and feeling quickly because it's too bad. I heard somewhere that when writing something and I hope it's right!


Keep writing! a lot of research and publications mentioned that writing helps alleviate the problem.

Someone talk to me that: "if you don't want to share your story with anyone, writing is the best way to help you out of bad feeling"
Thank you for being here @macchiata

I would agree with that " someone". I mean people can be a bit judgy so it's always best to write it down. Though when it comes to intimate stories it would be best either : a) share it privately offline b) use analogies or make it a fiction :)

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