Sublime Sunday - An Orchid Bloom

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I adopted this Orchid plant from my friend Roger, who adopted it, when the school he was working in wanted to throw it out. For a while it was not doing anything, and I thought that I would eventually have to throw it out as one stem was already dying. Anyhow, I snipped off the dying stem and waited to see what would happen.
01 Orchid 05.jpg

Lo, and behold! A new shoot - a sign of life and revival.
Orchid 04.JPG

02 Orchid 06.jpg

Later on, another...
04 2018 05.jpg

And another. That was a good sign. Now the thing was, will it bloom? Only time will tell….

As new shoots grow, the old plants die off. I had to snip them and hope that before too long, I will be rewarded with a bloom.

And I was. I was so happy when I saw this new shoot which surely is the beginning of a flower stalk.

It was a flower stalk! And it was growing and looking good.
bloom 0.jpg

At this point, I had to leave for my holidays and I was unable to follow the progress of the flower stalk. Anyway, there was only four buds on the stalk and it bloomed. Usually, there are more buds and flowers on a single stalk, but I am happy with the four flowers. Very happy indeed. For a simple person like me, the joy is indescribable - the sense of satisfaction, from adopting the flower to bringing it back to life and it blooming. The simple joy of the accomplishment.

I am very proud of myself, and also of the flower. Now I am getting silly. Anyhow, here are the rest of the pictures of the Orchid in bloom, which my sister took while I was away. I would have snapped a lot more pictures, and a lot more closeups of the pictures, but I wasn't around.
bloom 1.jpeg

bloom 2.jpeg

bloom 3.jpeg

bloom 4.jpeg


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Look at you mr green fingers, this is awesome how you nursed a bear dead orchid back to life - and what a reward - the flowers are beautiful - and you have the bonus while enjoying the flowers of knowing you brought them to life with your tender care !COFFEEA

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Or maybe it was the threat that worked. I told the Orchid, "Bloom, or get thrown out." 😃

haha... your friend wants it back now?

No. He is happy to let me have it. 😃

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Thank you @esteemapp for your support.

Your TLC paid off. Lovely blooms!

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Thank you @leeart. Maybe it was my threat that worked. I told the plant to bloom or it will get thrown out. 😃

Lol! Still an effective method. I guess do whatever works 👍👍

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Wow! Someone has a green thumb :-)

The last I looked, the thumb is still brown. I just threaten the plant. 'Bloom or get thrown out.' And blown it did. 😃

Congratulations! I'm glad your plant listened to you and bloomed, but I'm sorry you missed it!

Thanks @goat-girlz. But I am sure there will be more blooms in future. Fingers crossed.

The plant, the leaves, the blossoms, it is a real joy to watch it thrive. Everything about her is beautiful. I love the orchids. Your orchid with these beautiful blossoms is a real gem :D

Thank you @suntree. It is indeed. 😊

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