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Well, well, well! What do you know? I made it to 500 SP today? I am now a Minnow! Yay! Yipee!

After more than one and a half years on Steem, it is hardly anything worth screaming about. However, I am sure you know this simple man well enough by now; easily excited over the slightest of things.

The accomplishment is still a milestone for me – albeit a small one. But hey, I will take it. The next target - 1,000 SP. I hope it would not be another year and a half. Anyway, we shall see!

Now, where is the champagne! So, here's to all who made it possible for me to reach this target. I hope to have your continued as I journey to my next milestone.




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Congrats!!...and Wish You Well!
Hope to see you at many thousands..😊

Thank you @abbak7. I left out a very important message in the post - I forgot to thank all who made it possible. You are one of them. Once again, thank you very much for your support

You're on your way. Congratulations on this milestone and best wishes on topping the 1000SP point soon!

Thank you Jon. You are one of those who made it possible. Thank you very much indeed. 😊

You are most welcome!

Congratulations! 1000SP soon to come :)

Thank you @culgin. You are one of those who made it possible. Thank you very much. 😊

A minnow Party! I can't send champagne but I can send some ESTM tokens to help with the celebration!

Thank you Melinda. Much appreciated. 😃

Congrats dude

I'm almost there

Thank you @teenagecrypto. 😊

I am sure you will overtake me in no time. 😊

easily excited over any little thing? I thought you didn't care about anything?

Hey, @quotes-haven.

I wish I would have seen this a little earlier. However, now that I have, congratulations on becoming a minnow. Steep upward climbs are STEEM's speciality. :)

I will just keep doing what I enjoy. No expectations! 😊