An Art Exhibition - #Sublime Sunday #Beautiful Sunday

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I am not one to go to art galleries or exhibitions. But since one of the artists is an old friend of mine, I thought I would get out of my shell and go give some moral support.

Ernest Chan is a freelance art teacher. In between teaching in schools, he hold courses for private students.

Here is Ernest's Chan's Curriculum Vitae if you are interested.

Recently, he and three of his students organized an exhibition.


The following are eleven of his works. Oil on Wood, 3 x 6 cm. The ones with a red sticker were sold - on the day of my visit. I do not know how many others were sold.












The following are some of the works of his students - collaborators of the exhibition.

Two of them were around when I went to the exhibition. They were very helpful. They explained the idea behind the collaboration, and also the ideas behind the art pieces - where and how the inspiration of the artworks came about.

Once I heard the explanation, the elaboration, behind the artists inspiration, the artworks took on new meanings, and I was able to appreciate the exhibition a lot more. I have to admit I enjoyed the exhibition.








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Thank you @esteemapp.

All the best to your friend. Fact that he sold some already is good news.

Thank you very much. Indeed. 😊

You're welcome

BTW, i think the link to his CV is has some issue.

Thanks for letting me know. Rectified. 😊

You're welcome

I really like the works of art on the wood blocks, makes for a unique painting and he is very talented- I am sure they all sold out very quickly.

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I have known the artist for thirty years. He is very creative and talented. He is doing quite well. 😊

Very interesting sir Vincent! How big are those wood pieces?

3 x 6 cm

wow, that's tiny! Now I'm even more impressed!