Your perception about discipline!

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You must have heard of this quote "we all look, but we see differently."

It's simply a quote that explains so many things however I want to illustrate perception of discipline with it.

When people hear the word discipline the immediately begin to think someone wants to punish them or someone wants to suggest that they do the impossible or it's time for self-inflicted pain.

However, someone else may see it as a vehicle to better self.

The way you see discipline is simply your perception towards discipline.

When you're seeing discipline as a tedious task or as an activity that will reduce the way you're enjoying life or when you see it as an ingredient for success it's about your perception.

Discipline is not punishment: discipline is just simply self restrain and your ability to say No to certain things that may be harmful, however, these harmful things may look beautiful.

However, punishment is the sanctions you get from a particular course of action that you have chosen.

It is perception that makes people think that discipline is punishment.

Why self-discipline?

Let me smile first, you know almost everything is discerned today in a way that it may make it look as if the worst things are beautiful by just simple packaging.

Everything that concerns money are getting easier so that you can spend to easily in fact with a single swap on your phone you can be sure that you can make some financial transaction.

If you're are not disciplined everything looks appealing to you and you may surely spend on everything that looks flashy.

Self-discipline, therefore, is important if you must achieve your goals, either financially and in every sphere.

While it is easier to spend some people may even have spent all their salary before they're even paid.

It is easier to even buy on credit and if you're are not disciplined you're going to be living on credit.

People who tend to discipline themselves financially will eventually have enough to spare and eat during the rainy days.

Self-discipline is proof of respect and love for yourself: when I see people who exhibit high level of discipline I just know it's a proof of love for themselves.

If you don't discipline yourself who will.

Finally, I will end with this question what's your perception towards discipline?

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Self discipline enables us to enjoy in the future. Denying oneself of some things now can bring great results in the future. Self discipline is something most people lack and should be thought daily. Thank you for refreshing the thought of being disciplined to myself.

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This quote contain a lot of thing but i think that some time we loom that thing for which we think.

This is so true...we all see things differently especially the meaning we draw from things we see. I think theres more to it though

Well said, Jules! Well, I think discipline is what we need in order to live a happy and fulfilled life on the long run. It might seem like mere restrictions at first, but it really is more than that. Once we learn to instill discipline in ourselves, we will begin to get better and live life better. Not everything that looks flashy or pleasurable is the best for us (it might only be for a short while). Lets look at the bigger picture!

How can one live his/her lives happily without disciplining his/herself. Everyone one has a bad habit in one way or the other but one can't allow their body to rule them, the body needs to be disciplined.. .i usually heard people "i can't control myself when it comes to women, alcohol....." I wonder who is incharge of the body........
Thanks @prettyjules158 for sharing this amazing topic with us

You are right self discipline is just a way of self love cos one may regret and got nothing left after he/she has already got debt that's more than salary like to your example which may cause self hatred after paying debt and got nothing left. But when you are disciplined you will save in case

Great comment frnd, thanks much.

For me, discipline is based on following rules and guidelines to obtain a long-term benefit, on a constant basis. A person without discipline regularly does not achieve the goals that are proposed, either due to lack of interest or lack of dedication.

On the other hand, a person with discipline little by little is generating good results for himself.

Well done, keep up the good work! ;) Share more through eSteem!


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My sister, if actually I was a magician.. I would just tap a little of your vast knowledge and add to mine @prettyjules158

Chaiii, you deserve some accolades for your inspirational words. Well, you have said everything.. But, a word is enough for the wise!!

Self-discipline makes us mature and ready to face what challenges and trials that's thrown at us. It's brings out the inner person in you. For that's who you become physically when one disciplines his or herself.

Nice work pretty goddess @prettyjules158....i learnt a lot form your article ....i love it when i see females like here....makes me encouraged to hold on.

Hello promise, good to have you around my blog.
Hope u good?

Thank u madam.

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