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HAPPY JULY 4TH AMERICAsteemCreated with Sketch.

in esteem •  3 months ago


I'm here to celebrate with my gifs and artwork.


I am new to gifs so give me some tips.


THANK YOU to who I use to make the gifs.


THANKS to befunky where I use them as a plus subscriber and do my digital art.


THANK YOU to Public Domain that I use create art work at times.


So, please... use as they are in Creative Cmmmons Attribution.


All you have to do is give credit at


. . . and they can be used and mixed anyway you like.


This includes the gifs where you credit


I hoped you liked what I did for this special day . . .


and if you use them leave a comment letting me know and I will visit you.



cat divider.gif


I put these pictures in Creative Commons Attribution so Steemians can use them. E N J O Y !


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Happy 4th of July. I hope you guys where or are able to go out and enjoy something fun.

Been mostly raining here and between all the neighbors shooting off fireworks there no need to go anywhere I can hear all the BOOMS from where I am at lol.


Same here. It's insane out there. We Kept it quiet as possible.

I wish you a Happy 4th of July day to all Americans. Your are Art work is so amazing, innovative and unique, looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing @pitterpatter.


I know it's been two days but it's never too late to give a happy 4 of America :)