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Hey! We have a trapeze artist here!

Still raining cats and cows over here and no chance for me to go and swim outside with my camera.
So, I delved into my archives to show you how clever some of the birds are over here.
Let's have a look!


July month up north means spring nest building time!


Over 3 weeks this guy (Weaver) will build and break down about 5 nests until he builds the one that his Lady likes.


This is what an almost completed nest looks like!


And here we have a couple of thirsty Indian Mynas!


This leaking, geyser overflow pipe is ideal for a drink!


Here this guy is having a drink!


"How's that bro" he said to me!


The strands of wires sticking up on these electrical towers are supposed to keep birds off the towers. The Pied Crows clearly do not agree!

Amazing how the birds can simply adapt to changes in nature around them. People build houses in the birds territories and then they spend thousands on trying to get rid of the birds. Some people even curse the birds when they poop on their house roofs and cars.

But hey! Who was here first?

Hope you liked the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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I can sit for hours and watch a bird building a nest - they are amazing. Even if they are just hopping around, I love to watch them.

They are so deft and skillful and I also watch them building the entire nest from start to finish.
Wonderful to see how they work out where the entrance must be to avoid the rain and wind.
Blessings and thank you my friend!

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I love this one)) From it you can make a very cool meme)))

Thank you and I don't have an idea how to make a meme my friend.
You are welcome to make one with it if you want to.
Maybe he says; "Darling have you seen my shoes anywhere"?

Glad that you enjoyed it.

Birds doing their own thing

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And they do their own thing perfectly my friend.
If only humans were like that.

I love your pics and I love birds watching, I think they are very smart, anywhere in the world, not only there 😉

Thank you and they are indeed masters at what they do.
All over the world of course.

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Hello @papilloncharity
I hope you are doing well. I would like to give upvotes dally for that would you be able to follow me. So i will setup my upvotes for you
Thank you

Thank you.
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Ooo really i don't know that. Could you send me the link above these information
Thank you

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Look at the rules on the steemit site my friend.

Great photography! The way birds are given the instructions for building a nest without ever being told - simply amazing.

Thank you and so amazing to witness the talents that they are created with.
Our God is a miracle and a miracle creator.

Oh I could say leave it to a lady to work that poor guy to death... But I know better than to say that lol

Thank you and oh yeah, better not to say that as we don't want to create a viral statement that would result in the ladies on steemit to stone us hahaha.
Although I think it's a great comment, I cannot reveal my thoughts here Lol.

Blessings and thank you for the visit!

Always cool watching birds build their nests they can be so creative and skillful

As always such great shots

Thank you and I love watching them in action JJ.
Their weaving tricks are so delicate and amazing.
Blessings to you guys!

I can’t weave with my hands and fingers and they do it so well with their beaks pretty amazing

So true JJ, and they weave by instinct.
Imagine that, born with the talent to weave.
As humans we have to taught our trades.
They don't need any teachers.

Another amazing thing with so many animals they are born with such a wealth of knowledge and we humans like to think we are the smartest and yet as you say we start off knowing nothing

Fantastic bird photos! Great shadow captures here, too!

Little weavers are so skilled at building they tend to get a bit carried away impressing their prospective mates with 2 or 3 homes sometimes.

Bigger the bird, bigger the poop, try parking under a tree overnight full of mynah birds.... enough to eat the paint off a car!

Hahaha, bigger the bird, bigger the poop.
I have seen some sad cases Lady Joan.
We had a weaver up north that had to build 5 homes.
The amazing thing is that he trashed every previous nest and every time he fetched new strings from a palm tree leaf.

Weavers are crazy little builders, we had one build on the telephone line down to the house. When the wind blew it went up the line, the slid down when the wind subsided, at the end of the day that was a practice run, not a permanent structure. Just Oh so funny!

Hahaha, I think that weaver must have been very impressed with his slider design Lady Joan. Maybe he wants to start a small company called "Weaver Sliding Designs" and his sales brand could state; "Teach your babies to fly inside the nests" Hahaha.

Masters at design and safety, living with humans needs a rethink.

wow to the first three pictures.

Thank you and glad that you liked them Vibi.

That's a very odd position, hahaha... Nevertheless, it's beautiful!

Thank you my friend and it's beautiful indeed.


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lol! I like that photo of the birds loaded on those towers that the wires are supposed to keep them off of!

Saying something to the wire installers Sir @janton
Something like; "Try again you fools"

lol! Some birds are remarkably smart!

Little birdie showing you his moves, eh? Perhaps we could sign up for his lessons and learn to do some trapeze tricks of our own! hahahaha

Hahaha, don't be surprised if some smart business guy starts a gym called "Weaver Trapeze Training"

Do you want me to guess who that smart guy is?