E.F.A is a small gift for eSteem (English Translate)

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Hello everyone, how are you today?

What is reflected in your mind when you see the beautiful picture below. Yeah right, this is a cool animation, a price mascot made by a graphic designer called @dunsky big fish that we know whales.

_pic: creative through @dunsky _

Steemian good friend, Before I get into the discussion of the post, said I said Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin and Happy eid Mubarraq for all muslem steemian in the world, apologize and unseen, if there has been a good word in posts or comments that offend Indonesia steemian friend, I apologize as much as maybe.

This post is a translation of the post in Indonesian, Maybe most of Indonesia Indonesia wonder, lately there is new hastag (#), that is #efa, and as newcomer of course there must be introduction first, then what E.F.A? Let's follow the discussion.

About and Birth History E.F.A

E.F.A or (Esteem For Aceh), is the birth name of esteem in Aceh inaugural meeting on June 9, 2018 disebuah Cafe & Resto CBQ in the town of Lhokseumawe - Aceh, and I @owner99 as pioneering the establishment of EFA which is supported by @yandot as the person trusted by eSteem for Indonesia today, and some other great steemian @foways @dedyrendra @helmibireun and still there are some others that I can not name one by one, and I feel an honor to be part of the team with great people at eSteem itself.

Vision E.F.A

E.F.A has a long distance view help growth eSteemapp and eSteem Surfer by holding #meetup and educating all new users #eSteemapp

Establishment of E.F.A

Invite all pricing users to give full support to appreciate also using eSteemapp and esteem surfer, and support @good-karma as a witness on the #steemit platform, and combat plagiarism in use #eSteem by learning how to use steemit platform facilities.

Steps to Becoming E.F.A

_pic: creative through @dunsky _

There are some basic points that the steemian should be part of E.F.A:

  • Have a great determination and have a goal to join in steemit

  • Identify the type of content to be developed in steemit, eg (photography, music, writing, etc.)

  • Will not use dirty / cheats, stealing, tracing, any term

  • Ready to use the #esteemapp and #esteemsurfer app as a tool (media) in making posts and ready to advance #esteem and promote all its steemian out there.

  • E.F.A is not a community and E.F.A looks for Authors / Creators of True Content that Supports Full program #esteem led by @good-karma

  • Ready to learn to be E.F.A

Program E.F.A

As for some programs that will be done in the near future are as follows:

  • Schedule a Meet-up road event #eSteem

  • Create a Learning Class through whatsapp group for Reputation newbie 25 s.d 49

  • Premium class workshop, comprehensive overall content to be guided by professional steemian from E.F.A and Steemian with Rep. 68 and higher.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity by joining E.F.A


_pic: creative via @dunsky _

To be part of E.F.A not difficult, follow the steps above and complete all eSteem, and I allow anyone who takes this post as a reference to their post with a note _ "used wisely" _.




Informasi yang sangat penting

Wow, informasi apakah itu sobat|?

I saw strange shaped fish

it's just an eSteem symbol on my friend's 3D sticker

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Steemit network my most choice esteemapp.
I like this esteemapp, I am little bit steemar but I love esteemapp.... best of luck

thank you for using your esteemapp buddy, and keep using it and wait for the surprise from the next esteemapp

Wow ... amazing ... explanations as well as very useful information. Hopefully more successful friends😊

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thank you so much, have a nice day @alaydroes83

izin ya. Saya resteem

silahkan @saffana semoga bermanfaat ya

Iya pasti bermanfaat. Makasih ya

Iya pasti bermanfaat. Makasih ya

I used esteemapp today to upload pictures and it was not only super quick but also the preview was loaded very quickly, one thing which other apps lack and I applaud the people behind esteem for this

yes it's true buddy, esteemapp continue to fix deficiencies in running this application, hope the future better, Have a nice day my friend @sayee

mantap, pencerahan yang sangat luar biasa, terima kasih..

sama-sama @annisaarmaila semoga bisa membawa perubahan kedepan ya :)

I am not familiar with esteemapp until u read this articlel.thanks for sharing,i will try using this apps.❤❤❤

thank you for reading this article, hopefully useful. Have a nice day @reginecruz

it really awesome using esteemapp for posting contents here on steemit. I hope i will be accommodated.Thank you once more