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“Do not wait; the time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbert

Perfectionism is a killer of dreams. If you keep waiting for a perfect time or perfect tools to be in place before you start working on your life's goals, then you may never achieve anything in life.

The truth is, there is no perfect time waiting for you anywhere. Also, you cannot know all you need for a project when you have not started it all. Imagine if Facebook or Steemit was waiting for perfection before starting and launching the project.

They would sit down, begin to calculate how many users would probably use it, find a way to make it perfect for their users, start calculating what it will take them to build a perfect and completed system, waste more time in trying to raise the money, waste another extra time building it to the supposed perfection. And at the end, they may get overwhelmed by the mountains they created for themselves, become frustrated by it, and then dump the project.

The best way to build an excellent project is to start from somewhere. When it is usable at all, launch it. Let the user feedbacks help you improve on your products. There is no such thing as "being perfect". What you think is perfect today can be improved upon. Stop wasting your time and energy waiting for perfection.

Start where you are. Keep improving it, and some day you will attain excellence.

The best time to start is Now!

By the way, how many of you are already pissed with the cryptocurrency market? It has been a rough ride all through this year. Hoping to see better days.

Much love from me to y'all.

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Perfectionism is a killer of dreams. If you keep waiting for a perfect time or perfect tools to be in place before you start working on your life's goals, then you may never achieve anything in life

I will go back with this in mind. Keep being a motivation, you never know how many you affect with your posts..
Thanks for sharing...


I'm glad you liked it. Your feedback is very important to me. Thanks very much @gloxypearl.


This is one of the best motivating post I have seen! Perfectionism is truly a killer of dream.. I agree with you no one is perfect, we can only work towards perfection. Nothing starts until we start something ...


Thanks very much @segunreus. I'm glad to read your feedback.


Always welcome most gorgeous!

A wonderful post for motivation. I like people who move only forward and do not sit still. It is necessary to develop yourself from different sides, try to comprehend something that has never been tried. Do not stop at what has been achieved and raise the bar every day. Thank you, with interest reading your post. Dobra you and good luck!


Thanks very much @alla-kopica. The way to excellence is to keep making improvements.

This is coming at the best time for me. I have been looking for that perfect time to start my dream project and I guess this is just the push I need.

And yes, the crypto market has been pretty discouraging. I have thought of keeping it up a fee times, but just keep putting in that one extra day and here I am.


I'm glad it helped. Thanks for reading @paigegirl.

Nice post. Time waits for nobody, don't procrastinate.


Thanks for reading.

slow and steady wins the race... i am impressed momma


Thanks for reading @burlarj.

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There is no right time , the time is now truly by the way am also not happy with the crypto prices but am pretty sure they will have to rise again and this time it will be higher

What a saying and what a creative article. How do u just assembly me so many inspirational lines to post. Brilliant work dear. Impressed by this post. Really like the idea. Use the resources u have and do the best. Well done👌👌👌

sometime in the middle of the nowhere we are left with no choices left but we have to start going over with what we have in hand or around us

I have using these 3 keys and guess has been working for me. At first I needed an oil color since I am an artist but couldnt get because it expensive however I didnt give up, I had to look for other alternative which are pen & pencil and I made use of them perfectly! Am happy I didnt relax waiting for oil color to arrive before I create some art.

You just said everything that need to be said here. There is no thing as perfection, it is when we try something that we will learn from our mistake and grow into perfection. Don't expect to get everything you want instead work with what you have. Thanks for sharing God bless you.

The time is always now. If we have the strength to do such things that we wanted, we must do it now because the future is uncertain. @ogoowinner