Walking though the São Miguel Island - Azores - Portugal - During rails

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Walking though the São Miguel Island - Azores - Portugal and photographing some of the natural beauty was the way I chose to show the steemit community some of what we see and live in these small islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.That is my purpose. Promote, not only São Miguel Island, but also the Azores Archipelago.

Location/Localização: Trilho da Rocha da Relva - Ilha de São Miguel - Açores - Portugal (PT)


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Wow! That is stunning! How many people live there, in that village and on the island?

People don't live there. They are rustic weekend or holiday homes. These houses stand at the end of an extremely sloping rail. It's worth visiting 😊😊😊

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great place. weekend spot worth staying, great sharing.😀