#Ulog.... Sickness caused by self..

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Hi lovers,
We should always care for our self, no matter how strong one thinks he or she is, he/she needs rest and take drugs too after all we ain't machines.

Today I woke up around 8:32am, tho I woke up late but thought it's normal

I finished the movie i was watching the previous night before going to bed. It was when I tried to get up from my bed I realized something was wrong with me. I felt so weak that I almost fall.

I managed to bath and go to school.
After lectures I was already running temperature, I was so weak, I had headache, I was feeling cold in short it was as if I've had fever for over a month.. So I tried to relax and eat.. Took paracetamol too to suppress the headache.

Later on this evening I realized I have not been resting, I can do this, I can do that not knowing I need to rest and take drugs too..

This is the mistake we make in life, we always think everything is about work and money not knowing we're supposed to take good care of our health too.
Tomorrow I'll visit the hospital, you should too. take care of your health, everything isn't about money. sometimes you need to rest and relax too
Remember the saying that says health is wealth, even the machines we use sometimes needs servicing, how much more human being that works day and night. We need to take care of our health.
Drink plenty water
Eat on time
Sleep on time
your health is also important..

Thanks to @surpassinggoole for making it possible for me to express how I feel..

Thanks for reading
I remain @mzajoke


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Get well soon dear.


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Money is not everything. Josh Billings said, Health is like money, We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. Get well soon

Thanks for stopping by.
I am grateful

You are welcome, Enjoy steeming

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